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  1. In March, astrophysicist Eric W. Davis, who spent years working as a consultant for the Pentagon UFO program and is now a defense contractor, gave a classified briefing to the Defense Department on what he called “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.” In other words, spaceships.
    The bombshell quote came in the latest UFO report from the New York Times, which has owned the beat for the past several years. In December 2017, the paper reported on the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, a Pentagon effort to investigate UFOs, that was supposedly shuttered in 2012. That article, hailed as a “historical inflection point in our attitudes regarding UFOs,” implied the same message that the most recent one does: Basically, “flying saucers are real.”

  2. Joe is counting to 100 every 10 mins – 😂 and NDG reminds me of my wife who knows all the answers to absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!!

  3. If aliens were visiting, why would they need to do it over the ocean, hell even we can see whats going on from space, why the hell would they need to get as close as to be playing with Navy pilots lol

  4. Big alert BIG ALERT:

    Humans ARE aliens. Omg 😯😯😯😯😯😮😮😮😮😱😱😱

  5. ‘If you don’t have any evidence you have to say that’ ha such a correct and spot on line

  6. I know it seemed like Neil was being contentious but it seems like he was just applying the scientific method to try and prove joe's ufo theory but he saw holes in his presentation 😬

  7. Mannn…how closed minded and arrogant this guy is…He doesnt recognize the legitimacy of the videos by american gov agency….

  8. How could he call himself scientist when he has no confidence on scie ntific sensors..he beleives the sensor could malfunction but he is dammn sure about he knows everything about everything in universe….

  9. Neil on a date …

    Girl: "Wow I'm having such a good time. I am glad you are too!"

    Neil: "No, your sensors are wrong. I actually think you are repulsive. Now get off my lap!"

  10. Highly narcissistic, abrasive and defensive. Can never admit he's wrong.

    Silly argumentation style:

    1. Neil: Where's the evidence of aliens. Claims (not factual) abductees says cameras were wiped clean.
    2. Joe: Have you seen the sensor evidence from fighter pilots [who are trained to protect the US]?
    3. Neil: Highly sophisticated and sensitive sensor evidence is invalid.

  11. It's a nice argument although we know since the 50s that when UFOs appear lights go off and car engines die. Do you really think that your smartphone will do any better? I'm not talking about the aliens explanation/interpretation of the UFOs but about the UFOs them selves which I know they exist cause I've seen one. What they actually are is a different story.

  12. Professional skeptic. If encountered one he may even kill the alien and hide it just so his ego doesn't get shattered

  13. would be a highly underestimating the aliens if they couldn't not hide from us. I mean how bad would their technology be if google satellites just got pictures of them on daily basis if they are trying to keep out of sight

  14. Kind of a bummer that Neil deGrasse Tyson would barely even speak on the topics of UFO's and such. He kept talking about system and data being faulty and what not. Never really expounded on the fact the Navy pilots and others have visual confirmation.

  15. Whenever Neil sets examples/scenarios, I just scroll down and read the comments. This is more entertaining.

  16. I dont understand the comments roasting Neil. hes right and I didnt find the video boring. alien believers cant take it when their shit gets proven wrong lol

  17. So he's basically saying the sensors and ship could of been glitching so he doesn't believe it? If so that's actually a pretty bizarre claim as you can would tell later on the radar is malfunctioning or errored. He came across really poorly in this which is ashame as I like some of his explanations of other stuff. Maybe I'll just skip his UFO hypotheses from now lol

  18. I really like Neil, but he can be hard for me to listen to when it comes to UFO sightings. I get it tho, coming from a scientist.

  19. That's right Neil, you tell them.
    I say that if there were aliens visiting us, they would most certainly not be interesting in our cave-men technology because we can just barely fly to the moon.
    If the so called aliens can fly to earth just imagine how they can destroy us in a blip and why would they even be interested in us.
    It's like us humans paying alot of attention to ants. Were not interested in them, we don't even bother to destroy them because they're of no threat. 😂😂😂😂

  20. Neptune is a repeatable observable known. The tick tac was not only observed from the Jet fighters but also a naval ship and alternative radar. Seen from the pilots, the navy and pictures or video. I can not justify all those sources being phony or false or off. They have to be on to save our asses they HAVE to be calculated right to be accurate. This isn't Neptune spotting. So, along comes Tyson and wants to punch holes in it because of his beliefs. It's not possible due to the multiple highly accurate sources.

  21. Tyson acting like Fighter Jet sensors aren't some the most verified and reliable sensors on Earth.

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