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Nick Cook on Consciousness, Life After Death, Ingo Swann, seeing a UFO @ Area 51, Reality & more

Nick Cook is a journalist, serial author, and a director of research at the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS). He is well-known for his book ‘The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology’, which has strong links with the UFO phenomenon. His latest book is called ‘The Light Beyond The Mountains: A Journey into Consciousness, Anomalous Phenomena and Next Generation Humanity’. Nick received an Honourable Mention in the BICS essay competition: ‘What Is The Best Available Evidence For The Survival Of Human Consciousness After Permanent Bodily Death?’

This is my second interview with Nick, watch the first (about UFOs) here:

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🌌 Welcome to Unravelling the Universe. We explore topics related to 3 questions:

1. What happens after we die? 🦋
2. Are we alone in the Universe, or on Earth? 🛸
3. What is the nature of reality? 🧠

(UFOs / UAP, Consciousness, Parapsychology, & more)

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⏱️ Timestamps:

[00:00:00] Hope you enjoy 🙂
[00:00:36] Death, dying & what comes next + Nick’s wife shared death experience (SDE)
[00:09:59] ESP & Ingo Swann
[00:32:26] Survival of consciousness + Nick’s BICS essay
[00:39:00] Nick’s grandmother’s story (ADC)
[00:53:31] Past-life memories + Super psi hypothesis
[01:08:22] Role of anomalous experiences in human evolution
[01:15:20] What is the nature of reality?
[01:26:32] UFOs & Nick’s Area 51 UFO sighting – (the light beyond the mountain)

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Nick Cook on Consciousness, Life After Death, Ingo Swann, seeing a UFO @ Area 51, Reality & more

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