'No One Seemed to Believe Me' Ep. 2 Official Clip | UFO | SHOWTIME Documentary Series

How much does the government actually know about UFO’s? And how much of that knowledge are they hiding? Find out now as Kevin Day, Chief Radar Operator of the USS Princeton, discusses his haunting experiences with UFOs. Watch new episodes on Sundays at 9/8c on SHOWTIME. All episodes now streaming.


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From J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot comes a four-part docuseries uncovering the (in)credible evidence and events that claim the existence of UFOs and other life forms on – or hovering above – Earth. The series will unravel America’s historic obsession with the extraterrestrial. From “Top Gun” pilots being taunted by tic-tac looking flying saucers in the sky, to Gen Z’s rave in the notorious Area 51, to government conspiracy theories, set ups and cover ups, our UFO Project will take us to the ends of the earth – and even a bit farther than that – and back as we tell the twisted tales of sightings, and deception and what this intense and haunting speculation has done to the psyche of the American public and national trust in the government.


47 Comments on “'No One Seemed to Believe Me' Ep. 2 Official Clip | UFO | SHOWTIME Documentary Series”

  1. Look at it this way. There people with no experience in society. Luke in deep Africa where they have nothing to do with civilization. Then there are programs so secret that hardly anyone knows about them. And there are those of us in the middle. Some things are new to us and some things aren't. It's all a mistory.

  2. can you tell the difference between a man made u.f.o & a real extraterrestrial vehicle the looks are quite shocking

  3. I find it entertaining but I don't believe that UFOs exist, or more precisely, they are not aliens. The mystery is what makes it entertaining so why ruin it? It's like a horror movie: the less you show the more the imagination gets creative. Being that the answer is clear – not aliens – I would rather not want to explain it away but instead enjoy it as I enjoy a movie or a book, meaning that people can find the phenomenon interesting without believing that it's aliens.

  4. I think skeptisism isn't always a bad thing I take people at their word even though man's word is no longer golden. You can't honor man's word in court when it comes to a contract verbally but yet eye witnesses on a murder trial where people lives are at steak you can take eye witness testimony. Not when it comes to contracts or UFO's. What about wedding anyone have a reason why these two should be gathered in holi union…might as well throw out that testimony too. You know your people I even give cray cray people I always investigate things when it sounds plausible even if their crazy. When you discredit someone's word without further investigation into something sometimes you risk valuable commodities ie your valuables, sometimes even your life. I don't believe that UFO's are out enemies as a whole..I mean maybe there's good and bad just like humanity..the possibilities are infinite that they exist probably already here amongst us. It says the lord traveled all space and time in 5ge bible talks about the killing of angels even..the body's 9f angels were dead 8n the street and then the lord made their body's alive again…maybe the lord is an alien…something to consider…

  5. This is stupid. Of aliens were real we be dead by now. I’ll believe when I see concrete proof like aliens standing right in front time squares with their spaceships bumping 90s galactic r&b music. The only proof so far is blurry photos, videos of lights and some random person who got anal probed

  6. I think the hi-tech nazis are preparing more and more for coming back from Antarctica and reveal themselves after hiding since the end of wwii.

  7. They are waiting for Trump to be in office then we will meet our new Space Force space fighters.

  8. I confess I was a sceptic! Now i see them quite often and even managed to film some.
    Interesting times!

  9. worldsmasterofspirtsspirtseekerscanada,tm* relax relax take it eash guys theres a reason why we dont fire on them

  10. Peace in the multiverse between different kind of species of living beings. Love for all creation!!

  11. It's very important to go into the psychogical and religious (or more cultish, new age) aspects of ufology and I think that this documentary series has done a good job. It actually does more than the UFO community's purported "research" which takes everything at face value. This same community relocates every cultural achievement to some extraterrestrial origin like "we humans are to stupid to have discovered fire"..

  12. Spent more time on what the government cares about it than what people have been through good show but almost like it’s meant to spin people to lean towards what the government wants!!!!

  13. I hope they put the whole series on here. The production is so good. Might possibly be one of the best extraterrestrial documentaries ever

  14. the ufo ships use Magnetic field to move at Hight speeds they harness magnetic propulsion. this is the way they move

  15. We here on Earth are just another experiment …
    This is the reason that the entities do not expose themselves to the Masses
    We are to them like animals in a zoo
    Observe take specimens observe behavioral changes and watch how we evolve

  16. Be aware of these claims! The future of Psychological warfare will involve Holograms. It’s gonna be a very effective mind trick!

  17. OMG, I keep reading over and over again I used to be a skeptic but I've seen one now so I'm a Believer! Jesus Christ people, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU SAW!!! Elon Musk puts up 10,000 new satellites in extremely low earth orbit, you see a few satellites and now all of a sudden YOU'RE A FIRM BELIEVER? What you are is a stupid fool that's gullible and extremely ignorant! First you're a "skeptic" why? Cause you've never seen one (that means you don't know what they look like) then, you see "something" (probably a plane or a satellite) and all of a sudden you're a believer! But you don't know what you saw! Which means, you're an idiot! All I'm saying here is don't sound like an idiot, do some research on your own from accredited sources before you start posting really dumb shit!

  18. I used to place a lot of faith in the skeptics who I deemed the intellectuals of society, until I saw a classic flying saucer no more than 100 feet away from me and in HD. Now, coming from that perspective, I see all of these supposed "debunkers" who look like total idiots to me now that I know what I know. I mean, if empirical evidence is their God, then why would they expect me to place their rhetorical bullshit over what I saw with my own eyes? Makes no sense. But I'm not at all claiming I have proof for anyone else, it was only proof for ME. And that's enough to put me in a very strong position in regards to personal conviction. Watch out for the rhetorical "questions" which are nothing more than assertions in the context of an assumption. One example would be, "Well, if they're real, then why don't they land on the White House Lawn and greet the whole world on CNN?" That's not a real question. It's only a rhetorical point that assumes they would even want to meet us or land on the White House Lawn and be seen on CNN. Having seen one myself, if presented honestly, it's actually a very good question: Why don't they want to meet us? I really want to know, but I don't marshall that question as nothing more than rhetorical ridicule.

  19. Adding those lens flares is an annoying Hollywood trend. If you want people to take a documentary seriously, don't add silly effects.

  20. We know from the Bible that there are IFO(identified flying objects) not ufos. If we’re Christian we have to go back to basic biblical teachings and stand firm in them, god put humans on earth and never once mentioned aliens but he has talked so much about demons and fallen angels who have the exact characteristics these guys talk about when they mention reptiles or aliens. We can’t be ignorant of his devices and just like how Jesus give his children knowledge and ideas to create new and good technologies. You better believe Satan is doing the same for his children

  21. The Navy has known about underwater UFOs since the 1950 or 60s . Check out the Shag Harbour incident off the coast of Nova Scotia Canada. A ufo went down and fishing boats and the RCMP witnessed a glowing object under 30 feet of water .The RCMP sent down divers that reported a glowing small disk . After a couple days it started to move and was ultimately tracked off the Canadian coast by the USA navy. So this is nothing new UAPs have been around for quite awhile.

  22. George Knapp the deception and disinformation loser.A man without any science education or scientific education.The gravy train keeps putting out crap.

  23. the planet(s) that these crafts and beings belong to probably have several documentaries about their comrades who came to earth yet never returned. Following several failed rescue missions too.

  24. They keep talking about what the government said they have spent studying UFOs . 22 million dollars is what the politicians and government spend on hookers in a weekend

  25. Day needs to back off on the new embellishments to his story. It’s not bad but he seems to add to the story each time I hear him tell it. I believe him of course but he seems caught up in the excitement.

  26. This guys emotion says a story that is going to eventually blindside and rock the earth and humans to our very foundation in every aspect.i believe in god and Jesus but something has been hidden from common people like me and you.All these recent events tell me god will no longer let it be hidden.

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