Pentagon declassifies Navy 'UFO' videos (VIDEO 2/3)

Navy video from 2015 and declassified by the Pentagon shows “unexplained aerial phenomena.”


The Pentagon has declassified three previously leaked top secret U.S. Navy videos that show “unexplained aerial phenomena” and that some believe could show Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in an effort “to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the videos,” said a Pentagon spokesperson.

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47 Comments on “Pentagon declassifies Navy 'UFO' videos (VIDEO 2/3)”

  1. That thing was about to takeoff. They stopped the video right before. They dont want us to see it takeoff 👽

  2. Interesting how they cut the video right as the craft is rotating to a sideways orientation. That's because it's at that moment that the craft Zips away faster than a bullet from a gun. They didn't want you to see that part. That's a little too crazy. This craft seems to function precisely the way Bob Lazar described, claiming that he worked in a government program to reverse engineer technology from one of these things. He claims that the craft operated by producing an artificial envelope of gravity, essentially a bubble of geometrically altered space-time around it, and when it wanted to move fast it would orient itself belly first and bring all of its gravitational amplifiers to bear. By attenuating the geometry of the space-time envelope surrounding it, a craft like this could achieve momentum in any direction and change speed and/or direction simply by adjusting orientation and/or power flow to the amplifiers, all without affecting any change in inertia. The craft is essentially in free-fall at all times in relation to its own local space-time.

  3. What do they mean when they say "that's not her LNS to is it?/that's is the LNS dude…" What is LNS? Im guessing a type of frequency that detects heat signatures?

  4. It's funny that there are still sceptics trying to debunk it. No exhaust from normal engines and it's rotating.

  5. That’s not a typical UFO that crashed in 40s those ships were recreated by USA, and originate from reptillian, greys. These ships are new their trans dimensional craft and they admit light their far more advanced than us or greys/reptilians, their Pleiadian ships, their the good guys from galactic federation

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  7. Look that is definitely a unidentifiable object there is no vehicle that can do that where it turns like that it diesobeys the laws of physics with how it moves no flying object that we have can do that although there is a possibility that that is a hair of a echo like if I walked the dogs in one mirror or in another mirror where I walked the dogs and went half way or In one where I didn’t walk the dogs you know but why would it be apearing up on a gimble that’s my question but it’s definitely a unidentifiable object in the air

  8. Early 00's —- People: "UFOs are real! The goverment is hiding everything!"
    Early 20's —- Goverment: "UFOs are real, check this out."
    People: yawn "I'll go watch the last season of the Kardashians".

  9. They CREATED it THEMSELVES. Aliens walk among us for centuries but you just don't have the eye to see them… and for your information they look just like YOU BECAUSE THEY CAN SHAPESHIFT and I see them BUT NOBODY EVERRRRRR BELIEVED ME.
    Time for you to face the CONSEQUENCES, the TRUTH is now about to be revealed THANK GOD it was about TIME 🙏🏽

  10. Love all the people making jokes, when this is legit footage from an F/A-18 looking at a vehicle defying all explanation. This isn't gopro footage or doctored. This is FLIR footage of an actual ufo.

  11. why didn't the Navy attempt communication with it or engage it? It's flying in proximity of Navy aircraft and is considered a possible threat at that point.

  12. This is gimbal lock. The camera is a side-mounted two-axis camera with an internal rotation correction mechanism. At 2 degrees vertical angle (seen on the left), it makes sense that the rotation happens suddenly (as a side effect of gimbal lock) as the horizontal angle (seen at the top) approaches and crosses the 0 degree mark. Watch the degrees at the top hit about the 5-10 degree mark as the aircraft rotates, and the aircraft stops rotating after it crosses over the 0 degree mark.

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