16 Comments on “Pentagon: leaked video shows UFO”

  1. Im living in egypt in 2007 in October city at 2 am i see an object like star move from right to left then from left to right and again from right to left and from left to right . Its just one minute and Suddenly it disappeared like a sky split in two, with terrible speed. I talked to every one , but no one believed me

  2. Aliens interacted with civilizations in ancient times it's time for them to know to kick our ass to smarten up

  3. Those information are mixed and full of erros.

    Dates, basic info and more.
    But it is indeed UFO’s or what they call UAP’s ( Unidentify Aerial Phenomena )

  4. Yeah the U.S. officials said something because they have no idea .if they did. They would keep it shut.

  5. As soon as Einstein is discredited I'll give thought to extraterrestrials visiting earth.
    Until then… Stop reporting nonsense without a disclaimer.

  6. Get ready everyone. June is almost here. They are not hostile, they have always been here. I'm just happy it's finally being taken seriously. I hate people like myself and others haven't felt comfortable talking about this because of ridicule
    I don't know if they are aliens or what, I know I have seen something in the sky that changed the way I view the world. Im ready for answers.

  7. You all do know that they are only showing us, what they want to show us, and know. I think they may be trying to get us prepared for something in the future, to come. Aliens are nothing new, why show us now? Maybe something big is fixing to happen, that they cannot control, or unable to hide, is my guess.

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