Pentagon releases report on UFOs

The Pentagon on Friday released its highly anticipated report on UFO sightings in recent years. But the report failed to conclusively identify the aerial objects, keeping the mystery of their existence afloat. David Martin reports.

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47 Comments on “Pentagon releases report on UFOs”

  1. No evidence they came from China or Russia or any other country, no evidence they are extraterrestrial, … but they are a potential national security threat, …does that make sense to anyone? billions of tax dollars are sunk into our defense and this is the answer??, I certainly hope they are covering up because if this is the best our military can come up with then we are in big trouble.

  2. They are acting like UAP’s are a recent thing. They have begun telling us that there is E.T life, they can’t do it straight away, it will cause panic.

  3. The report confirms those are actual flying objects, displaying technology beyond our understanding of physics, and they arent ours. That's big news.

  4. And yet US offical position on our battle in Cambodia is "we were never there"

  5. Some crazy government craft using earths magnetic poles and a type of electric current to interact with earth so it can fly crazy. …zippidy do dah, way off 😂😂😂

  6. Voyager 1970s. Greetings from Earth. We are a peaceful, civilized, intelligent race that wish to communicate.

    Today. You are invading our airspace and a threat to our national security.

    No doubt about it. Your government is as dumb as a sack of bricks. Treat you like mushrooms. Keep you in the dark, and feed you lots of BS. In six years transversing this country, I still haven't seen one peaceful, civilized, intelligent being among them. Greedy, opinionated, judgemental, prejudice, and ignorant about sums it up. Heck, they even think they own the world you were born to. On your behalf of course. You, as a population, need better examples of leadership in your lives. My words to you.

  7. We can get an HD video of planets light years away but this is the best we got for this?

  8. Joe Scott on Youtube has perfectly rational and reasonable explanations for this! Without millions of dollars spent for a 9 page government memo!

  9. What if its not extra-terrestrials, but ultra-terrestrials (fairies, leprechauns, etc) and/or by extension Angels and demons? Or maybe its unknown Earth phenomena we dont know about, like how earthquake lights, tsunamis, whirlpools,etc used to be before we found out what they were. A strange commonality in allot of up-close and personal incidents reveal many entities are afraid of the name Jesus and seem to abandon their attacks when the name is spoken, while the aerial and water-borne phenomena are always just out of reach as if they know exactly how far and fast to go or be to avoid identification. While all of these things have their own kind-of "proofs", im more partial to the Earth-borne unknown phenomena.

  10. 11 near misses!? They are clearly provocative and not concerned with our pilots safety. Sounds like scouts preparing for an interstellar invasion.

  11. UFOs are UFOs let’s just leave at that ?
    Is that the best answer our government can do?

  12. Funny how airline pilots, private pilots or passengers don't see anything like this. They just complain about or see drones from Walmart getting too close.

  13. I don't know if they are a threat. It would seem that they are not, at this time, a threat. 11 near misses mean that they are playing, that they have the capability to scare our pilots and/or challenge our pilot's maneuvering skills. I'm thinking that they are testing the abilities of our aircraft.

  14. Why is it just Navy pilots? We can detect tens of thousands of debris pieces orbiting the earth, but no UFO's detected arriving to earth.

  15. “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.” — Sherlock Homes

  16. I don't think a "near miss" with a craft that has the advanced technology these things have is a 'threat.' It's at least not a threat of colliding with a US aircraft.

  17. I knew that UFO'S are true and they exist just think for a second where did all those cartoon characters and animations came from or even star trek and star war movies thoughts came from just think for a second do you think they are not true or something similar to them exist. ✨🦖🦕✨

  18. I'm Jesus Christ in tHis 2nd coming. The U.S. is ignoring Me & My connection to 👽 of the Local Galactic UNION of Star Systems.
    We need Compliance.

  19. release the alien autopsy report, thats what i want to see, i know you have it

  20. I don’t know why people don’t believe in extraterrestrial peoples. We can’t be the only ones out there.

  21. So what was the purpose of this report. We already know this. I was hoping for at better quality video.

  22. So this report doesn't say anything about us having possession of "craft not from this Earth" which was leaked and confirmed and subsequently buried…

  23. I know stuff like this is unexplainable, but can someone please tell us, in the name of god, why every targeting camera looks like it has a quality of a camera from the 70s? We live in the age where you can see people's pubic hair from space, and you're telling me there aren't high quality night cameras used by the army?

  24. Suddenly we have a brand new, hugely wasteful, just in time to (kinda), find a way to justify a new sixth branch of the service. How convenient.

  25. imagine, over the decades, technology that we know of, and use daily has progressed over time. yet, here we are, UFO technology seems to be the same since the 60s

  26. A news story that is, there is no news story. Wtf? Why put the f-big story out then?

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