Pentagon releases UFO report

The Pentagon has released their ‘in depth’ findings regarding UFOs and their origins, Rob Schmitt and Jeremy Corbell – via ‘Rob Schmitt Tonight’ on Newsmax.

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47 Comments on “Pentagon releases UFO report”

  1. Always trust the government! They did a good job with the 911 report! Believe the reports about ufos!

  2. ok, ruled out black projects, but got no input from the "black project company" or does anybody see the CIA mentioned in the report?

  3. If there are aliens out there, they are obviously very advanced technologically. We do not know if they are friendly but probably are since they could have easily wiped us out by now. Maybe they can clean up the crime, corruption, greed and hate…you know, Democrats.

  4. If you think the Pentagon is going to tell you the truth about anyting then you are very naive. This is Just a distraction from what's going on with the you-know-what. Things we can't talk about because we're in a word prison. No first amendment rights we can't say certain words or talk about certain things. Hey but aliens are on the agenda. Nobody believes this s*** and if aliens wanted you to know they existed they wouldn't need the Pentagon they wouldn't need our permission duh 😂

  5. It takes intelligence to find intelligent life. What do you expect when the govt is run by dumbass(s)!

  6. According to the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    Think about it. If these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED such a Advanced Technology, against us by now!

    We better hope these UAPS that have been flying in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades, are Extraterrestrial. Because if these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then America is in BIG TROUBLE!

    Think about this. If these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then our Intelligence agencies, should All be ***(FIRED)***! Because these UAPS have been flying in American Air Spaces for Decades! This would be the BIGGEST Intelligence FAILURE in the history of the United States! And the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    And once again, if these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED it Against us by now!

    So if these UAPS are Not from American Technology. And unless our Intelligence agencies, had a MASSIVE Intelligence Failure, to detect that Russia or China, had Extremely Advanced Technology, that could fly in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades! Then WHO, or WHAT else is left for these UAPS???

    A lot of people have speculated, that more Advanced Extraterrestrial life forms, would view us like we view Animals here on Earth; as less Advanced life forms, to VIEW and monitor our behavior and Habits; like the way we Monitor and Track Animals behavior in the wild.

    This is a very good Theory. Because like how we Monitor and Track animal Behavior in the wild; and even implant Tracking devices on Animals, to track their behavior patterns; a much more Advanced life form, might look at us as a Experiment, to Observe our Progress and Behavior; and Not really want to interfere with us in order to Contaminate the Experiment.

    That is why, there is probably very little Contact or Landing of these UFOs, from these possible Extraterrestrial life forms. They are Monitoring us as a Species.

    Think about it!

    And another point. Many people and Scientist, are using Human Logic, to try to make sense of how we think, that other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or act. We have No idea, how other Intelligence life forms might Think or behave, or how Advanced their Technologies could be! So for Scientist to think that they would know how other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or their Logic, is not right. Scientist are making a BIG assumption, that other UFO life forms, would think like us. And we really have NO IDEA; how, or what other Extraterrestrial life forms, would think or Behave based on THEIR logic. And this Logic applies to how Advanced other Intelligent Alien life forms Technology could be. We have no idea just how Advanced Other Extraterrestrial life forms Technology could be. Just because WE cannot travel Vast distances in Space. That doesn't mean that some other Intelligent life forms, could not have figured out how to Travel vast distances in Space.

  7. I don't understand why they don't have better cameras or tracking systems or instead of wasting dollars build a satellite with a camera and tracking system to be used for UFOs.

  8. This clown is in cahoots with the government. He's not going to admit anything that the government knows. What a waste.

  9. Obviously they are still hiding everything they do know, to leave everything up in the air and to deceive the public…as usual!

  10. THE TRUTH ON WHY THE UFO’S ARE HERE. It’s not the Government, Pentagon, NASA, JPL, China, Russia or any country’s top secret project technology, nobody from this planet owns these advanced ships. The Pentagon literally have nothing to do with this event or these UFO ships flying in our skies around the world, their playing games to have you thinks it’s their project with grainy manipulated images and brainwashing reports. And they’re not called UFO’s, these are advanced ET light/Star ships, they’re either sentient drone vehicles or light ships driven by advanced ET’s “ET People”.

    The ET’s have no personal relations with any Government on this planet, just communications, but the few evil reptilian ET’s have relations with Illumenati/Governemnts, but their being cleaned out. The benevolent ET’s are here on their own mission from their home planets. To help, support and give guidance to the people and every person on this earth to our higher 5D “5th Dimensional” spiritual transformation, evolution and awakening that started in 2012,

  11. This is all garbage.. Ufo bs just a deflection from the take over of democracy, the censorship, thr corruption

  12. Just what you’d expect them to say. They’re never going to disclose anything, knowledge is power and that’s the power they have over you.

  13. I've got a better question: When was the last time you saw even a hint of genius come out of the pentagon?

  14. Years of denial and censorship have just been a prelude to …… you guessed it …. more years of denial and censorship . ! Still giving us the finger , but now they acknowledge it ……. !

  15. Total whitewash. Certain groups of individuals in the U.S. DoD know exactly what the UAP are, who is controlling them and what their intentions are. They've known since at least the early 1950s.

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