Pilot reports unknown flying "object" in airline audio of close encounter

A pilot flying American Airlines flight 2292 on Sunday to Arizona had a reportedly close encounter with an unidentified flying object (UFO). The pilot was passing over New Mexico when he made a radio call to report what he had witnessed. American Airlines validated the call but asked for questions to go to the FBI.

For more info, please go to https://globalnews.ca/news/7659655/american-airlines-ufo-flight-audio/
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36 Comments on “Pilot reports unknown flying "object" in airline audio of close encounter”

  1. this is why we have to talk with mexico more things like this happen because people don't want to admit this is happening

  2. Why don’t planes have go pros on them. Honestly tho even if they’re inside the plane in the cockpit looking out the windows, why don’t planes have those yet

  3. Saw something come close to shoreline one night. Looked to be about the length of a football field, MUCH larger than anything ive ever seen in sky. It hovered for a couple seconds, had somewhat of a rim of lights around it and then it took off soo fast AND WITH NO SOUND which makes no sense to me to this day

  4. it seems that when something weird shows up in the air, everyone first thinks aliens, but could it not be flying objects from other countries looking to do damage like a terrorist or hostile countries?

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  6. they should make cameras on board airplanes mandatory so they can catch these ufos. Then we'll know once and for all if ufos exist or not!

  7. The fake Alien invasion. Hey Sheep I mean citizens be scared. If Covid doesn't get you Aliens will take you out. To be safe you have to do what you are told. And give unlimited power to your government.

  8. It could have easily been a bird or a reflection of light off of Jupiter. We don't know for sure.

  9. I recently came across an old newspaper clipping about an AA DC-6 that nearly collided with an unknown aircraft in the 1950s. It was assumed to be a private aircraft since the (landing) lights were not flashing. I am wondering if the airline would have a record of this? The pilot is also named in the article.

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