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ATTENTION: Anyone who
thinks writing
lead-generating, monster cash-sucking reports is hard or time
consuming… (my discovery makes
writing powerful reports a breeze!)

There’s A 1-2-3 Fast & Easy
Way For You To Stop Wasting Money On Freelance Writers — Start
Generating HUGE Contact Lists And Watch Your Personal Business And Your
Finances Skyrocket!

you’re an internet marketer – or if you make any money on the internet
at all – you know how much power an informative, well-written report
can have on your personal success.

In fact, the biggest
names in the industry like Mike
Filsaime, Ewen Chia, Mark Joyner and John Reese use reports each and
every day to build trust in themselves and their products, create a
strong contact list, and MAKE SERIOUS CASH!

am probably just telling you something you already know. And if you are
making any REAL money in Internet marketing, then I’m sure you already
have a few reports out there generating cash.

see, this website isn’t going to explain to you how to use reports. I’m
not going to waste your time by showing you the graphs that prove how
money practically flows straight into your bank
account when you utilize this amazing power.

website is for those serious marketers who already know about and use
reports in their business and their websites right now. This website is
strictly for people who are ready to discover the fastest and most
effective way to create reports.

What Top Marketer and JV
Broker, Reed Floren
Says About The Special Report Generator…

just cured writer’s block!

you’ve ever had trouble writing a special report you won’t anymore
thanks to Kristi Sayles’s Smart Author Special Report Generator. Your
program is step-by-step simple and it will allow you to create
professional looking special report in half the time it would normally

If You Have Just A Few
Minutes, Then You Can Have A New, Fresh and Powerful Report…

would you like to quit throwing your money away on freelance writers
who never give you exactly what you want — and are NEVER on time?

would you like to generate a report — that people actually WANT to
read by yourself without previous knowledge of report writing?

How would you like to
increase your traffic, your leads and your sales for everything and
anything that you promote online?

Well, if you answered yes
to any of these questions then this just might be the most important
letter you will ever read…

I am about to reveal my
secret to a simple and straightforward 7-step process for churning
out super-hot reports that will attract leads and sales like
bees to honey. This software has made publishing your reports in any
format, point-and-click easy!

“Thanks Kristi!
Special Report Generator is a HUGE time-saver!

I have to
admit, being an experienced copywriter, I originally downloaded your
software to SPY on you!

But, I was
pleasantly surprised once I opened the software! The software, along
with your easy to follow instructions, flows beautifully! With all the
services available to submit reports online, creating special reports
is an important part of my marketing efforts.

I’m glad to
say, whenever I need to write a new report, Special Report Generator
will be the first application I’ll open! And I’ll be sure to let all my
subscribers and private coaching clients know about this huge


Who am I and
why should you listen to me?

Before I go any
further explaining the classified
tricks that make report-writing a breeze, I’m going to tell you all
about myself and why you should even bother listening to me.

My name is Kristi
Sayles and I’ve been a school teacher since 1995.. Then, one

day I asked a question
that changed my life…

“How did you create that

young genius that I was asking was my son, Jason Mangrum. He had
already been marketing his joint venture software quite successfully.

He explained the process
and a whole new world opened up for me. I started making

a few bucks selling
software that I created myself. But, I wasn’t making what I’d heard

heard about the people who were making millions each year by running
websites — all from their own homes. Sometimes from a spare bedroom or
a closet! I knew this was exactly what I had been searching for my
entire life, but there was just one problem…

No matter what I did or
how much I worked, I still wasn’t making the kind of money I knew some
others were making!

Financial Tycoon John
D. Rockefeller once said, “As I grow older, I’ve begun to
pay less attention to what men say, and far more attention on what they
do.” That’s some of the best advice you can get for financial
success in this business… And that is exactly what I did.

It took me months and a
lot of research, but I finally discovered that just
having a website wasn’t going to guarantee me thousands of dollars each
and every month. In fact, it took me almost a year to finally uncover
for myself the real reason that people are making money online —
special reports.

once I had discovered the golden ticket, I began writing. I wrote
reports that got attention, I wrote reports that people wanted to read,
and I wrote reports that MADE MONEY!

My online business began
to flourish and I started seeing notifications of payment in my inbox

In fact, I got so good at
writing these power-packed reports that I had gurus wanting my special

that is when I finally realized that I had something that everyone
wanted — I had developed and created the simple steps that allowed
almost anyone to have the ability to generate a lucrative and
mesmerizing report in virtually no time!

I was
wondering where else she could go as she seemed to have covered all the
bases. It seemed like I could use her marketing or article or
advertising pieces and create a report – why did I need another piece
of software? I purchased it though because I liked her work and was

churned out a report in forty-five minutes
that I just happened to need in support of a teleseminar I am about to
conduct. It was easy to use, covered all the necessary points and gave
the proper guidance in finishing a polished report. (It’s cute as well
and unique to her other products.)

All I can say is – “you go, Kristi.” Keep up the good work.”

D. L. Davenport
Creating Conscious Products

doesn’t matter if you have never written a report in your entire life,
and it doesn’t matter how bad your writing skills are… with Special
Report Generator I take away all the guess work, all the confusion and
I break down the process into 7 simple steps that anyone can follow.
(I’ve even added a spell checker, just in case you need help.)

before you go any further, let me assure you … this isn’t some eBook
or some tutorial. Special Report Generator is an actual software
program that produces a power-packed and informative report for you
within minutes. All you add is your content and creativity!

With Special Report
Generator you finally have the opportunity and the power to write your
very own reports:

And Not Just Any Report Will Do!

report that you offer should brand you, establish your credibility and
authority in the marketplace create a following and bring in multiple
streams of automated income from resources, products, services and
affiliate programs.

you have just been so afraid that you wouldn’t be able to cover all
these things, that you have either trusted expensive freelance writers
or avoided writing reports all together.

now with Special Report Generator, that has all changed.

Publish original and
POWERFUL reports that generate an automatic flow of cash to your bank

Create lead-pulling
“money magnets” that are ready to go live within minutes!

Establish a strong
relationship with your clients, your prospects and your past customers
so that you constantly keep them hungry for more!

Make it easier than
ever to advertise or promote ANY product or service with massive

Have the best
affiliates knocking down your door to promote YOUR reports to their

And much, much
more… in fact, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination
and creativity!

you are ready to start watching your sales EXPLODE in as little as one
hour, then it’s easy to understand just how much you need Special
Report Generator.

But I’m sure you are
dying to know the one question that everyone is always curious about…

How Does Special Report Generator Actually Work?

Report Generator is like nothing you have ever seen or tried before. It
teaches you how to write your special report in a user-friendly,
step-by-step fashion.

It doesn’t
come with a user manual-it doesn’t need one.

I just
purchased your Special Report Generator. As always you provide
excellent tools and advice for the IM venue. And I couldn’t help but
notice your unadvertised bonus preamble where you say you “like to over
deliver” …well you most cetrtainly did! I have always liked your
products and this one is no exception. It is a great tool that
provides an almost “unfair advantage.” You rock, girl. Keep on
keeping on!”


finally have the ability to craft your own top-quality reports —
without any writer’s block, without wasting your money and
without wondering what to say.

you have to do is go through the simple 7-step process and save or
publish! It’s really just that simple.  just to prove to you that
this is something that anyone — with or without writing experience —
can do in 30 minutes or less.

then, when you have completed these simple, easy-to-follow 7 basic
steps, you have the chance to revise and polish your final draft. Then
hit the save button and your report is converted into any format or
file of your choosing. You can choose from .rtf, .html, .docx, .doc,
.css, .txt and even .pdf! (Which is what I use the most often.)

ready to launch! You don’t need any other programs aside from Special
Report Generator because everything you could possible need to create
profit-pulling special reports from scratch is all right here!

Any Report, Any Niche —
All at the Push of a Button

How much time did you spend
working to write a power-packed report that you knew your clients and
potential customers were going to actually use, enjoy and believe in? 1
week? 2 weeks? A month?!?!

Now let me ask you this… how
much is the ability to open one simple piece of software, go through 7
steps , and have an authoritative and influential report ready to go
within half an hour?

Now imagine being able to have the
power to create your own report with 7 simple steps every time you have
an idea or a marketing plan… What would that be worth to you?

I bet you would be willing to pay
hundreds, if not thousands of dollars… but the beauty of it is you
don’t have to…

thanks for putting this Special Report Generator software together. I
found out about it just in time too. I was struggling with the daunting
task of putting together 40 individual reports that I promised my

I had just
finished my first report of 40 and was completely drained with the
amount of time it took to make from scratch the way I was doing it.
Then I found out about your software…I tried it out and I’m
completely STOKED with how you’ve streamlined the process.

took me all week before, I can now finish in less than an hour.

You just
saved me a bunch of time and frustration.”


This is a one-time
payment for a complete and total package that will generate traffic on
demand, and virtual “push
button” leads for any affiliate program or home business opportunity!

And you will
never again have to worry about your writing abilities or wasting money
on freelancers! You are never going to find a better deal on a better
piece of software for writing special reports.

Nothing will ever
come close to Special Report Generator to helping you generate a steady
stream of constant income and build a rock-solid list of super-hot

But that’s not
all, I’m also going to guarantee you that my Special Report Generator
will, in fact, allow you to easily and quickly create the reports you
and your business desperately need, or I will refund every red cent!

Success Is Guaranteed… Or it’s Free!

Like I’ve said before, my Special
Report Generator is like no other software on the market today. And to
back that up, I’m going to offer you a guarantee that takes away all
your concerns about buying here today.

I know that you might be
skeptical, and it’s completely understandable. Maybe you have tried
other products or used other generators but you weren’t satisfied.
Maybe you ordered a product but it was just too difficult to figure out.

It really doesn’t matter what your
reason is for being cautious. I understand and I want you to understand
one very important thing…

Special Report Generator Doesn’t
Deliver Everything That I Have Promised — AND MORE —
Then I WANT You To Receive A Full Refund.

I know that Special Report
Generator is simple, easy and effective. I know that you can blast
through your reports and have them up and LIVE within minutes! I know
that anyone, anywhere, with any level of writing abilities can generate
potent and persuasive reports.

But just to put your mind at ease,
I want to offer you a FULL and COMPLETE 100% GUARANTEE for 180 days.
That’s right, you have 180 days to try, test and use Special Report
Generator for yourself.


Thanks for another amazing product.

As a
professional writer using your smartauthor software I have been earning
more online than off for the last 2 years. This Special Report
Generator is sure to blow my viral marketing thru the roof!

Software so easy even a Pro-Wrestler
can do it!”

Best Regards,
Richard “Rick Love” Hackworth

The only question that you
really need to ask yourself right now is…

You Ready To Get Started?

Really, at this point you only
have two options…

But the choice is yours to make.
Are you going to discover the same secrets that allowed me to move from
school teacher to internet marketing coach?

Don’t wait another
second, order today!

The only real way to ever generate powerful leads, develop a
relationship with your customers, and become the internet marketer you
know you can be is through reports. That is a cold, hard fact. And now
you have the easiest and most effective report generating software on
the market today… at your finger tips, right here and right now.

It’s time to jump on this
opportunity and let Special
Report Generator work for you!

P.P.S. I am giving you a full 60 days to try, test
and use my Special
Report Generator. And if you aren’t more than 100% thrilled with all
your results and every report, then all you have to do is let me refund
every red cent. It’s just that easy, and it’s just that risk-free! 

Click here to get revised.html at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

revised.html is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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