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  1. Nobody believes me but I seen something like this like this 3D object that was doing the same thing I was rattled, This happen in Eastern WA

  2. 3 things it's likely to be all of which are either explainable and that includes rationally explainable of a clandestine nature, optical refraction or is indeed exodimensional in origin! The first one which is somewhat explainable rational although not without alot of controversy and that is that it's holographic testing experiment being conducted aspart of a heavily classified project, very likely formerly codenamed: Blue-Beam (not to be confused with the CIA's UFO misinformation campaign headed by Dr J Allen Hynek codenamed: Blue-Book during the 60's & 70's). Blue Beam is viewed as a training programme for flight squadrons from Nellis Air Force complex but it's deeply concerning that they are concerted efforts in the pipeline from those in the mainstream media to falsify a series of cosmic and aerial events as being extraterrestrial when in reality it's coming from a splinter rogue group operation with strong underground partnerships with an extremely classified connections under codename: Dark Star.
    Space reconnaissance indicates that the ISS as also a very good candidate for a cosmic 9/11 attack as being window dressed to make it look like a extraterrestrial attack in order to fool the masses worldwide!

    What do we know about Operation: Blue-beam??

    Apart from their aim in order to stage a hoaxed extraterrestrial invasion for the attention of the worldwide public in order to create panic aswell as economic instability on the Stock Market for the sole aim to persuade the POTUS to approve an Executive Order for increased monetary spending within the black budget for the coming fiscal years!
    Where did they get this technology from exactly…real alien's??
    Well let's just say that much of this technology was reviewed after R&D phases along with DARPA (Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency), Northrop, EG&G and a few others but as for them being extraterrestrial in origin then it's best that I leave that with you to decide! Undoubtfully however it's only a matter of time before more whistleblowers emerge whether it's from the United States Space Force or within the Office of Special Operations for the USAF & USSF respectively!
    Many of us are already very much briefed regards to that of the 1st probability and with billions being spent on black budget projects and programmes then it's suffice to say any covert group could sure as hell afford to pull it off but to get away with it without being held accountable within a militarial industrial court with criminal liability charges being waivered then we strongly doubt it! The 2nd possibility behind this sighting from the passengers seat is alot more rational and conventional explanation than the first! There is indeed no evidence thus far to rule out the possibility that it's reflection glare from the inner pain of glass within the passengers window which is all the more likely unless further analysis indicates that this explanation can be safely ruled out but it does then this may take us onto the 3rd and last possibility!
    The 3rd being however that our universe is probably assembled not exactly as many cosmological scholars first thought! The likelihood is that we live in a multiverse which is not entirely a ridiculous hypothesis, infact far from it! Since the atomic missile testing at Tonopah in the Nevada dessert which would be later known as the Nevada Test Site during the 40's & 50's aswell as the Manhaten Project has very likely attracted attention from those in another parallel universe of higher densities! It wouldn't entirely be crazy to think that their attempting to make contact by beaming light rays thru into our skies! Extraterrestrial?? I doubt it! Although should this explanation manifest as being a bigger event then I personally would urge extreme caution as the possibility in order to deceive the masses using highly advanced exotic technologies that have been shelved and confiscated that are currently in the possession of the deep black militarial industrial complexes in this World is a far more likely possibility!

  3. Idk how or where clouds form but this is what want to think is a visual representation of a cloud forming out of nowhere bc they gotta form somewhere

  4. It's probably an out-of-focus plastic high-altitude stratospheric research balloon, which is much bigger than a weather balloon. They go up as a skinny white bag with a bulb of helium at the top, and gradually expand into a balloon-shape up really high.

    All the strange image and shifting shape is just the auto-focus camera out of focus. The photographer has probably zoomed in on the balloon as much as possible, and the camera just can't sense it enough to focus, so it cycles at random.

    You can sometimes almost see that the UFO is a white vertical line with some difference at the top – a research balloon. You can never see any other shape or edges, because it's all just an out-of-focus blur.

    Seriously, what possible use would a blurry shape-shifting amorphous spacecraft be? Why would the aliens bring it out in broad daylight?

    Some guy on an airliner barely seeing a balloon in the far distance, and recording it poorly, seems a lot more likely.

    Look up STRATOS and the Canadian Space Agency. You might be able to match the date and location to a particular launch. The prairie provinces are prime favorite for launching.

  5. Plasma UFOs are exotic bunch >>> They almost look like a Living Organism! We have so much to learn about our very own planet Earth's 🌍 Flora 🌷 , Fauna 🐠 & the E.T. 🦑 of other Star systems!

  6. Amazing. Some one caught these entities in a telescope in high orbit. They were huge, they expanded and contracted. I'd link it if I could find It. It's on youtube somewhere

  7. Aliens, or refraction because there's generally two layers of glass(or whatever they use for the windows) which could make whatever refraction is happening look 3D

  8. Doesn't look like an alien spacecraft. Looks like some kind of gas cloud or something. Unidentified.

  9. The first thing that everyone should know is if the camera is always moving unrealistically it's not worth investigating much further. We all know it can be difficult to keep the camera still but eventually you find time to keep it still to get good footage. This one pans up and down left to right zoom in zoom out it's garbage. Also the whole plane would be filming by now and you would hear people talking about it. This footage is BS.

  10. Come on this is getting ridiculous with all of the balloon videos trying to be disguised as UFO videos. nope not going to happen. They must think we're really stupid what is that like a banner off of a tow behind on a plane aerial advertisement or an old weather balloon that's lost its umph?

  11. Pls stop the hysteria. The bible teach us by the last days of the last dispensation there will be signs in the sky. Apart from many other things. This signs is obviously paranormal and not natural. What is paranormal? It is either from the Kingdom of light or from the kingdom of darkness. So its either by angels or demons. For me its demons. You can decide for yourself which of the two identities is it.

  12. .. Of Course it Did'a Fly' Compliant Shape Shifting' Rad Dash reHash Swag Zag Tag'.. as an Above Endorse Perforce Amid Skyhigh Giant Undraped Lifting '.. Glad Trash'.. Brag Bag' !! 👉🛫🙀🛬👈

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