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SpaceX Dragon Live Video Captures a UFO Spaceship (ISS camera)

On Saturday, December 8, 2018, the International Space Station camera was filming the SpaceX Dragon docking procedure and captured a spaceship flying behind the Dragon capsule. What is this thing?

The most common answer: City Lights

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Animated GIF (make full screen) – Is light reflecting off the UFO?:

It was 12:58:08 AM PST when the UFO was spotted. The International Space Station was located above Amur Oblast, Russia, which was 4:58PM (30 minutes after sunset).

ISS Location:

2nd most common explanation: Space Debris

They track space debris because the ISS had to recently change course due to debris. If it is debris, then it is pretty precisely shaped debris. Here is the UFO rotated and the reflective lights connected:

Here is a video that attempts to debunk the SpaceX UFO idea:

What do you think?
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SpaceX Dragon Live Video Captures a UFO Spaceship (ISS camera)

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