Bizarre compilation, Two suns in Florida, Square cloud, UFO's & faces in the clouds over Turkey.

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Source 1- juliana_jubis
Location- São Paulo Brazil
Date- September 19th 2021

Source 2- Jose Laflare
Location- Minesotta
Date- October 5th 2021

Source 3- Eric Estrada
Location- Unknown
Date- Unknown

Source 4- Chad Morrison
Location- Unknown
Date- Unknown

source 5- Dena Montgomery Grey
Location- Florida
Date- September 23rd 2021

Source 6- Matt Landman
Location- Unknown
Date- September 9th 2021

Source 7- Extreme weather world
Location- Istanbul Turkey
Date- September 18th 2021[0]=AZWGazuZy4SLPRhu9iUSXKI5XXXgKG1QW-f4vBs1jczlRpd7pHqA5x46NUpoFY8TyRpl5cj3WGOBwxW5UxEQQXliJdgEtmHAZYwKg7x8tjtADqnteYBom1ODOc2O6tRWlYA1soueeITeNNXfddpEWCTCi_-6p5eBeTl6yWVa4jFE1Q&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-y-R

Source 8- Zaira Insaan
Location- Thailand
Date- September 18th 2021

Source 9- Snir Mially
Location- Unknown
Date- September 18th 2021

Source 10- Delanne Fillips
Location- Newquay Cornwall
Date- September 16th 2021

Source 11- Kevin Barnett
Location- Maryland US
Date- September 20th 2021

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Breaking News: UFO Over Leicester UK/Bigfoot Footprint Found in Florida Cave & Many More Stories

Gypsy Road World News: Bringing You The News From People Like Yourself

Breaking News: UFO’s, Bigfoot, Paranormal & The Mandela Effect

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – UFO Over Leicester UK
3:42 – Strange UFO over Dover, Delaware. 9/10/2021
7:46 – UFO Flying Over Canada 2016
11:12 – How To Spot Bigfoot W/ Your Surroundings
16:38 – Bigfoot/Skunk Ape Footprint Found in Florida Cave
18:25 – Casting the Caveman Footprint!
21:10 – Texas Cemetery Exploration – Did We Find Human Remains??
26:20 – Orb Coming From a Person’s But
28:14 – Mandela Effect/Jaws Your Going To Need a Bigger Boat

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UFO/UAP sighting: Flight from Texas to Florida August 30, 2021 – [09/03/2021]


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UFO Seen On Florida Turnpike Turns Heads Paranormal News

UFO Seen On Florida Turnpike Turns Heads Paranormal News
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Paranormal News

Staring Into The Abyss

Tales From The Abyss


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Sebastian News: UFOs, Giveaway, Tropics, Gilliams and Parris Sentencing, and Benefits to Stretching

The latest news in Sebastian, Florida. It’s August 25, 2021. QUESTION ➡️ Have you ever been on a Brews Cruise or taken a cruise on the River King? Let us know in the comments below. 👇 👇 👇

📒 Show Notes 📒

0:00 Intro
0:50 1️⃣ Sebastian Weather
1:18 2️⃣ Tropics
1:26 3️⃣ UFOs in Sebastian, Florida
2:04 4️⃣ Giveaway: Brews Cruise plus $25 Gift Card
2:58 5️⃣ Crime: Damien Gilliams, Pamela Parris
3:40 6️⃣ Health: Benefits of stretching

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