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UFO Spotted Over Erupting Volcano On Canary Islands



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STAY AWAY From These Military Islands!

Nobody knows exactly what happens at both San Nicolas Island and San Clemente Island. The two secluded military islands, located off the coast of Southern California, operated by the United States Navy, are dedicated to military testing, military research, warfare simulations, and combat training (ex: U.S. Navy Seals, U.S. Marines, Missiles, Aircraft, Submarines, etc..). Tim takes viewers on a tour of the military installations/islands using Google Earth and relays publicly available information. Tim also covers some history about San Nicolas Island including a 50 year old Native American woman was discovered on the island alone in 1853. So if you’re ever out off the coast of Southern California, stay away from these two military islands!

San Clemente Island:
San Nicolas Island:
San Clemente Island Military Range Detailed PDF:
Naval Outlying Field San Nicolas Island:
Naval Base Ventura County:
Point Mugu:
Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme
Submarine Canyon:
Pictures of San Nicolas Island by Weather Station Employee?:
Channel Islands National Park:
Dog Burial San Nicolas Island:
Picture of Lone Woman on San Nicolas Island: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/san-nicolas-island
The Search for the Lost Indian Cave of San Nicolas Island:

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