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E24 – Cristina gets to talk fellow team member from The Debrief, Chrissy Newton.

With an eye on the cosmos, the world beyond our own has always been a fascination for Chrissy. From UFOs, astronomy to ancient civilizations – her curiosity is as limitless as the universe.

By day she’s an owner of VOCAB Communications and an award-winning PR professional with a knack for getting people talking and by night she co-hosts a podcast called Alt.Pop.Repeat, where she “syncs” counterculture & subculture with pop culture trends and movements. The show can be found on all major streaming platforms or on Dash Radio’s Dash Talk X in Los Angeles.

When she’s not co-hosting her own podcast, you can find Chrissy creating and hosting tech, science, defense and UFO themed show called “Rebelliously Curious with Chrissy Newton” on The Debrief YouTube Channel and website along with being a Partner and Director of Media & PR for The Debrief.

With a love for traveling, science, cultures, fashion, astronomy, counterculture, sci-fi and surrealistic art, Chrissy wanted to create a podcast that captures both pop and counterculture worlds and convey how closely they’re synced.
With an end goal to show listeners that everyone is connected in some shape or form and differences are merely only perceived by the lexicons and bounders we create for ourselves. By night Chrissy’s an investigative conversationalist challenging her audience to consider an alternative way of thinking.

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The Shifting the Paradigm Livestream is a weekly relaxed chat show that will focus on a wide variety of themes related to possible alien visitation, UFO witnesses, researchers and their quest for the truth.

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UFO Over Oklahoma City Caught On Tape During Live TV News Broadcast

A UFO was spotted March 12 during a live morning newscast in Oklahoma City. Shortly after the brightly lit, fast moving object was noticed on screen, KOCO 5 News posted the video on YouTube and asked viewers to offer their opinions of the strange phenomenon.

The KOCO news camera that caught the unexplained light was situated on the roof of the Grand Casino in Shawnee, east of Oklahoma City. The 6 a.m. live broadcast was focusing on morning traffic when the bright object streaked through the sky, moving from left to right.


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UFO Sightings OVNIS #UFO sighting #shorts

UFO Sightings OVNIS #UFO sighting

Hello! 🙂 I hope to contribute to your well-being and be able to offer you moments of good disposition. This will be a channel where all kinds of curiosities, events and moments appear. There are no limits here! WoOoW!! It’s crazy! Subscribe my channel and follow me on a boundless trip and no borders! Are you ready to get flight? 🙂 * WoOoW!! – cRazYmOMentS (Abel Luis)

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#Sightings #OVNIS #UFO #sighting #WoOoW #News #Crazy #Curiosities #shorts


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UFO UAP NEWS #2 – O seu informativo ufológico. Com Umaia Ismail e Sergio Rosenwal

Desfrute do nosso jornal ufológico desta semana.
Neste informativo ufológico você verá os seguintes temas:
Homens de Preto, Incidente na ilha Maury, O primeiro a receber visita dos Homens de preto, Harold Dalh, Fred Crisman, Keneth Arnold, Ufos subaquáticos na Rússia, Abução de Crista Tilton, Guerra com os ets, de Phil Schneider, Avistamento de OVNIs no Chile, Coletiva de Imprensa de Luiz Elizondo, Ufos em Chernobyl.


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