American scientists discuss how to make real UFOs…via Zoom!

Scientists from NASA, DARPA, MIT, and the Air Force have been holding Zoom meetings since last November to explore how to make anti-gravity tech! Let Butchy Davy tell you more.

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UFO Facts – real ufo sighting! Facts – Secret Agencies #shorts

UFO Facts – real ufo sighting! Facts – Secret Agencies #shorts
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Buckle-Up! Mind Boggling UFO Footage Just In Beyond Explanation! 2021

The Phenomenon is on the Rise! Volcanic UFO reaction, plus craft the defy physics known to man BUCKLE-UP!

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(WARNING) Scareanoia App is Real and Terrifying – UFO Sightings and Kinky Finds! Do NOT Play Alone!!

Back again and back to win, today we hit the road using the world’s most scariest app SCAREANOIA APP! This Terrifying App has lead us to many many places and we have witnessed some of the craziest things you can imagine! #scareanoia #app #terrifying #huntingthedead #alone #kinky

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