Robert talks more UFO news and cases, theories on aliens – OT Chan Live-449

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Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps)
(0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted!

[00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show
(2) Covered a heap of Topics this will be rough.
First on Climate change.. and I forgot to talk about how its changed
since lack of planes in sky.. so If I remember I cover the info next time. Paul.
(3) Lue and his book
(4) Alien Abduction cases
(5) Cattle mutilations new stuff Rob found out
(6) Bigfoots new videos and link to UFOs. and Pauls theory on
how that could be link to bigfoots here!
(7) Tv Shows talked about Expedition Bigfoot, Holzer Files, On The Trail of UFOs
(8) back to Betty and Barney Hill
(9) MiB strike the channel again and Robs stream vanishes
(10) More chat on various UFO stuff. .cant remember will need
to add when watching back to make list here! Paul.

Wrap up for the night.

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What if Wednesdays is where we discuss #Ufo's, #Cryptids and Conspiracy Theories

Welllllcome To The shadows of the Moon show with a little bit of Chaos!!!!!

What if Wednesdays is where we discuss #Ufo’s, and Conspiracy Theories
Good Wednesday to ya’s,How is Everyone 🙂

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Good Wednesday to ya’s,How is Everyone 🙂
Today we are talking Hanger 18

Then some Creepy Stories from Experiencers
Huge Rectangular Object Hovers Low Over Pennsylvania Highway-

Alien ‘Greys’ Forcibly Abduct Indianapolis Couple Over Two-Week Period

Bizarre & Unexplained UFO / Extraterrestrial Encounter Accounts

Then of coure as always we look at Ufo stalker

As always If you are listening on the podcast portion of this Thank you so much for your support!!! as always I invite you to come on over to the live shows and jump on into the conversation!!

On the second Half of the show,Its your turn
Call in or click the link in chat and come up on panel and tell us your opinions of these stories or come on up and share your spooky encounters with the paranormal!!

and Dont forget As I roll the credits get over to dlive and Hype up the chat for the chest opening!!!

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show sources


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(UFO) Extraterrestrial Intervention On Earth 🌐

Sources and Reference:




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'Weird strobing lights' filmed appearing in dark sky spark UFO theories

Holly Nash gazed into the dark sky and saw strange white lights floating over a land of empty fields for 15 minutes. He was convinced that it would be a close encounter of the third kind.

The woman is confused by a series of strange lights in the sky – and she was sure it could be a sign of life on earth.

Holly Nash, who lives in Portreath on the north coast of Cornwall, observed a strange light in the sky for 15 minutes and could not figure out what it was.

He took a video and shared it online, showing a bright white light from the direct effect of a flash in the dark sky above his house.

It travels fast and disappears in seconds but soon reappears.

He told Cornwall Live that the lights came on at around 10.15pm on Friday evening (August 27).

“I don’t know at all. There are no lights for miles. There are no empty houses with fields,” said a surprised local resident.

“There was also no sound of a helicopter.

“The light bulbs were very fast and straight and with many roads at a time I am not sure what it would have been.

“I’d like to think that foreigners have downloaded so much but without a logical explanation I don’t see how it could be anything else!”

Last week, residents of east London found amazing lights shining just below the river Thames.

A clip circling the internet shows a white light flickering underwater in the middle of the famous river and clearing tense conversations online.

One believed it could be a street lamp, which could have “good water”.

Another said young green men should be blamed. “It’s a UFO,” someone joked. “An Unknown Floating Something.”

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UFO's in Ireland. Recent sighting analyzed. New Theories on Alien Visitations.

Each week I will look at a paranormal case in Ireland and use it as a jump off point to discuss the research and findings on the subject in the wider field. I am hoping this will be a very interactive news desk. So if you are from Ireland, please send me your testimonies if you have experienced anything paranormal or unusual.

I will be covering topics like UFO’s or UAPs, Aliens, Alien Abduction, Spirits, the Spirit World, Magic, Esoteric Traditions, Alchemy, Ghosts, Reincarnation, Mediumship, EVP Electronic Voice Projection, ITC Instrumental Trans-communication, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, Channeling, – you get where I am going with this. Anything anomalous, unusual or out of the ordinary, I will explore and discuss with you. In the future I hope to also interview interesting guests working in the field of psi phenomena.
Video structure.
1st – 15 mins are about who I am and my research methods so you can skip this if you’re not bothered.
15min in – UFO’s in Ireland

For more on paranormal Ireland see Strange Happenings on youtube.

Sources referred to in this video:
The Irish Book of Death and Flying Ships, Edited by Tim Coates
Jason Charbonneau
Mullingar Couple see UFO – Cmdr. Dave Fravor Naval Officer who saw the tic tac UFO
Children in Zimbabwe who saw aliens – BBC News Joe Rogan
Work of Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Morphogenetic field theory –


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The Unclassified Govt. UFO Report & Theories + Dr Greer’s Documentary The Cosmic Hoax – Podcast #168

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Aye what’s up everybody
5:34 – Discussing the Pentagon UFO report
15:32 – Reviewing UFO clips
47:48 – Luis Elizondo on UFOs
58:13 – Dr. Greer’s The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé
1:15:56 – Mac Tonnies -Cryptoterrestrials
1:19:57 – Interdimensional Hypothesis

Watch Dr. Greer’s The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé:

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Welcome to the Mile Higher Podcast hosted by wife and husband duo Kendall Rae & Josh Thomas!Our show is focused on Crime & Conspiracies but we delve into many other topics including unexplained phenomena, metaphysics, futurism, ancient civilizations and news stories the mainstream media doesn’t cover. Our guests include experts in these topics as well as like-minded individuals who share our passion for uncovering the truth and exploring the mysteries of our universe. We never changed, we just woke up and so can you. Come chill with us every Monday and prepare to take your mind a mile higher!


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UFOs: Fact or Fiction? Three Theories on the Origin of UFOs

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President Trump is one of the more open U.S. presidents on the subject of UFOs. He is also one of the first Presidents to talk about the issue.

Just before Father’s Day last year, President Trump was interviewed by his eldest son Donald Trump Jr. At the end of the interview, Trump Jr. said the only thing he wanted to know was, “Are there aliens or not?”

President Trump’s response was interesting.

In the final installment of our UFO series, we will analyze three main theories of UFO origins.

Part 1 –
Part 2 –

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Famous People That Claim To Had Been Abducted By Aliens UFO News

Some fun facts about the famous people throughout the World who were said to have been abducted by aliens. Some are from Russia, England UK, Japan, USA and etc..
@UFO Network @Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) @UFOTV On Demand
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ELVIS PRESLEY sightings activity FRAN DRESCHER the nanny
GRANT MORRISON comics JOHN LENNON beatles KIRSAN IlYUMZHINOV MIYUKI HATOYAMA chess player ROBBIE WILLIAMS pop star SAMMY HAGAR classic rock Whitley Strieber Communion YAPHET KOTTO Star Trek Van Halen uso spotted ufos 2021 sightings new evidence on aliens mars photos tesla starman famous birthdays famous people legends top artist new sound


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Adults React To Crazy UFO Sightings

Watch the reactors see real life UFO’s caught on tape. Keep watching to see if they believe!
Check out reactions to unsolved mysteries here!
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Content Featured:
Pentagon officially releases ‘UFO’ videos

19 years later and The Phoenix Lights mystery goes on

UFO? Chilean Navy releases video of mysterious flying object

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Reactors Featured:





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Adults React To Crazy UFO Sightings


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