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The “Gimbal” video, one part of the Pentagon UFO videos #UFODiscovery #UAP #UFODiscovery

The “Gimbal” video, also known as “FLIR1” by some, is one of three declassified videos released by the Pentagon in 2017 showcasing unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) encountered by U.S. Navy pilots. This particular video, filmed off the East Coast in 2015, has gone viral on YouTube and sparked numerous discussions online.

Our analysis will delve into the details of the “Gimbal” footage, including:

The Sighting: We’ll explore the context surrounding the Navy pilot encounter, piecing together details from pilot accounts and available data.
The Object: We’ll take a close look at the object itself in the FLIR1 footage, its shape, movement patterns, and any other observable characteristics captured on video.
Debunking Attempts: We’ll examine potential explanations for the object, considering camera artifacts, natural phenomena, and other possibilities, while weighing the evidence against the unusual behavior displayed.
The Bigger Picture: The “Gimbal” video is just one piece of a larger puzzle. We’ll explore the significance of this video within the broader context of the UAP phenomenon and the ongoing government investigation.
Join us as we dissect this captivating piece of evidence and explore the ongoing search for answers about unidentified aerial phenomena.

#UAP #SolFoundation #Astrophysics 🌌🛸 #UFODiscovery #HiddenBeneathLandmark #ExtraterrestrialMystery”
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The “Gimbal” video, one part of the Pentagon UFO videos #UFODiscovery #UAP #UFODiscovery

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