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The Pentagon says the US is not hiding aliens or UFO technology from the public

In a comprehensive report, the Pentagon has refuted allegations that the government is covering up evidence about aliens.

The Pentagon has refuted recent allegations that the US government is hiding the truth about UFOs, aliens or extraterrestrial contact from the public in a comprehensive report.

In a new 63-page report, the Pentagon has flatly denied allegations that the US government is withholding information about UFOs, aliens or extraterrestrial material.

The Pentagon (US Department of Defense) has recently been taking allegations about UFOs more seriously. The Department of Defense, which opened an official website on unidentified extraterrestrial objects last year, has now gone on to refute many claims one by one with a very comprehensive report.

According to the Defense Department’s report, the US government is not hiding alien technology or extraterrestrial beings from the public.

The Pentagon made public the findings of an investigation conducted by the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), a government office established in 2022 to identify potential threats, including “anomalous, unidentified space, air, underwater and transmedia objects.”

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The Pentagon says the US is not hiding aliens or UFO technology from the public

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