THE PHENOMENON (2020) – Interview With JAMES FOX, the UFO Enthusiast Director

Director James Fox joins UFO expert Alejandro Rojas to discuss his new film: The Phenomenon. The documentary chronicles revelations from NASA, government, and military officials about unidentified aerial phenomena, disclosure, and more.

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29 Comments on “THE PHENOMENON (2020) – Interview With JAMES FOX, the UFO Enthusiast Director”

  1. This film was outstanding Mr. FOX. Thanks for making it and showing us the actual footage. Please make on one the Arial Phenomenon.

  2. New subscriber loved your interview! Love it when an interviewer is smart and asks the important questions.

  3. I would love for it to be Aliens 👽 Ancient Aliens, … and now (2021) would be the perfect time for true disclosure.. lockdowns, police state, but I really don't think people will care, unless we are attacked, i think most people will think , ok, so what, i'm busy, don't bug me ! Lol 😆

  4. Why would they release the facts about their knowledge of these craft. I mean, just look at the past yr in America. Corruption at political level, corrrupt media and how they played the population. Months of rioting over the death of a criminal was twisted with fake news to manipulate the public. I'm sorry, but that has showed me as a working class British man that America isn't ready for the truth. If the public can't even tell a presidents speech has been edited beyond all recognition into another agenda when the whole unedited version is easily found online then why would they be trusted to be told the truth on this, I wouldn't! I wouldn't let them run a bath let alone knowledge of this magnitude.

  5. Could you elaborate on the Mittelfischach phenomenon? I am from Germany. Is this a spelling error? B(ach) means „creek“ but without the b the location makes no sense. The painting by Carlo C. from 1486 depicts the annunciation of our Lady and Saint Emidius.

  6. Okay. I saw five "units" in flight that were noiseless, in formation, and 'flew' as if sliding on a plate of clear glass- so to speak. What I'm trying to say is the impressions of some sort of Solidity holding them airborn with a certai ease especially as their speed was not too fast for a good look. One thing I really wanted was another witness or witnesses but saw none so as to affirm the observation. Oval shaped and a darkish colour. It was at night yet these vehicles were wholly iluminated bodily. One vehicle 'fell back' and then sped up to form up again with the other four as if in playful mode ? That said I have no idea as to origins of these craft. I like to ponder the experience of seeing them but alas of course one gets nowhere further in knowing anything more. But there they were. Simply then se la vie.

  7. Maintaining the Taboo is even more interesting, How they have kept this from the general public is a story in itself. Leslie Keans chapter on the taboo subject in her book is amazing.

  8. The 3 of Jame's films that I have seen are excellent, "Out of the Blue", "I Know What I Saw" and "The Phenomenon". One thing that is common to all 3 films and something that really adds to their credibility is the excellent narration provided by Peter Coyote.

  9. Paola Harris was just on Coast to Coast recently, and mentioned that the Pentagon is hiding information about alien races and our contact with them. There are 52 documented alien races that she said the Pentagon documented…Astronauts and others have been told to disinform the public for decades.

  10. I just watched it for the first time! I never knew about this one! It is now my Favorite ALL-TIME BEST UFO DOCUMENTARY!
    It explains what has been going on with the government cover-up!
    The government isn't covering it up! THE military is covering it up!
    The United States Military is acting as a separate State, where it controls itself, it funds itself through black budget funding through United States Taxpayers! A SHADOW GOVERNMENT WITHIN A GOVERNMENT!!
    The Pentagon is acting alone on this! Buying power and secrecy from corrupt politicians to shield themselves from ANY AND ALL INVESTIGATIONS!
    With the technology that they have retrieved, they are working with no oversight, hiding new technologies that could put an end to pollution, starvation, poverty throughout the PLANET!

  11. So…. Are they saucers, Tic Tacs, or triangles? How many different types are there ?
    None of this makes any sense. And as far as that school encounter.. Nobody had any photos ?? How can a different species communicate telepathically with our species ?

    I call bullshit!! Give us solid evidence just like in a murder case.
    Pics or it didn't happen 🤣

  12. I can handle all of this except alien abductions. I really don't want to believe they're true. Unfortunately, some of the people who say they have been abducted give similar details and make it harder for me to dismiss their stories but so far I'm able to.

  13. James, release the Brazil footage in another format. (Found a 3 minute video of it via Nat'l Geographic on youtube.)

  14. While it will interesting to see what the government releases to the public the chance that they will release evidence to lock down the idea that some UFOs are alien spacecraft is ZERO. They will not openly allow such an idea to be confirmed no matter what. Even if saucers landed on the white house lawn they'd try to cover it up (just a movie stunt or such). It goes a long way past the usual idea of public panic, although dumping that reality in the public’s lap would have negative consequences. The public likes UFOs in the same way they like ghosts. It's fun as long as there's plenty of plausible deny-ability to buffer the idea. Beyond that the people in the deep state want open political oversight about like they want a hole shot in their heads. Having the clowns in congress looking over their shoulder is a nightmare to them. They also definitely don't want other governments to know they are investigating the matter, especially if they have physical alien technology under study. And, they don't want the aliens to know what they have or what they're doing with it. Disclosure is poison in their view and everything will be done by them to prevent it.

  15. Is anyone else astounded how blasé most people are about the pentagon admissions? These are very interesting times and I for one feel extremely lucky that the most earth shattering facts about the universe are about to be revealed to us one way or another.

  16. Those Zimbabwe kids must be freaking out now looking at the current climate and biosphere collapse. I don’t blame the kids or the aliens for the planet being trashed. We deserve what’s coming…

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