The Phenomenon

Following the NY Times’ explosive disclosure of The Pentagon’s secret UFO Program, James Fox’s timely documentary is the most credible and accurate examination of the global mystery involving unidentified aerial phenomenon. Revealing the monumental events behind the NY Times report, riveting never-before seen footage, and powerful testimony from high-ranking government officials, military, NASA astronauts, and witnesses, the film provides eye-opening evidence that mankind is not alone in the universe.
Fmr. U.S Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid calls it “meritorious.” Fmr. CIA officer, Senior Intelligence Service, Jim Semivan, calls it “The most important documentary of the year.” Renowned scientist Jacques Vallee calls it “The most credible documentary ever made about UFOs”.
Amongst those featured are fmr. U.S Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, John Podesta, White House Chief of Staff for Clinton and advisor to Obama, fmr. U.S. Energy Secretary and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, Chris Mellon, fmr. Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, U.S Department of Defense, fmr. Arizona Governor Fife Symington, Jacques Vallee, renowned UFO researcher, portrayed in Steven Spielberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”.


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  1. Not too hard to understand why powerful goverments want to keep contact forbidden and secret when you hear what the children say the visitors "showed" them.
    Probably a good idea to change our ways and
    take care of this gem we all live on!
    Who knows, our little friends might just live on this planet too:)

  2. Please trust me when I say these are not extraterrestrial biological creatures these are Supernatural paranormal creatures, they are evil. I have witnessed one. And I have summoned one more than once. Please see my playlist on the UFO phenomenon.

  3. Half the planet now has a high-definition camera in their pocket at all times. Why are there still no clear photos?

  4. Ehh. Some of the accounts were clearly BS. This documentary IMHO lost some credibility when it started to recount the Zamora sighting and any sighting with aliens. Where is the evidence to any of those accounts – it’s just eye witness testimony with no records. I can’t believe those stories because people are great liars and hoaxers and will lie no matter what the cost.

    Decent documentary if they had just focus on ufos with evidence.

  5. If anyone still believes the govt doesn't know a lot more about this than they're admitting to is dilusional

  6. whatever that material is, what did it weigh, and why would some random isotopes have such little weight? Extra neutrons should make elements weigh more not less.

  7. FF flag coming,hold on. Everybody is in on it.The press is on it to. They want to control you.

  8. Fascinating and powerful documentary! Really well done and the best that I have ever seen on UFOs. What I found most interesting is the closest human contact (that we know of) to aliens occurred in Zimbabwe. Which is interesting that the aliens chose this location to deliver a message to the children of the school as Zimbabwe, is not that far from the cradle of human origin in Tanzania (The Olduvai Gorge). Maybe I am reading into this way too much, but according to the children, the Aliens were delivering a message of potential doom for the earth if technology runs rampant. What better place to deliver a warning of a potential end to mankind where mankind began – South Africa. Plus they chose children to deliver the message……Just a thought

  9. Your talking speed that are astronomical, they change gravity and like a slide going down they go…..

  10. I know this sounds silly in light of the gravity of this topic and what it means. I’m a firm believer in aliens and I have been since I was very little. But the thought of the crash at Roswell breaks my heart. It physically hurts my heart to think of another being coming here, perhaps just out of curiosity, and losing their lives. To me it is comparable to our losses on space shuttles like Columbia and the Challenger. I’m just now finishing the documentary and I’m still crying because it makes me so sad that- as a species, humans do not have pure intentions (as a whole). And I believe that these beings do, at least for the most part. That truly troubles me. They should protect themselves and stay away from us, as we have nothing but greed and insincerity to offer them. 💔

  11. Did any of the children do anything with the message though? I'd have to imagine communicating with aliens would be a life altering event and I'd probably listen to what they say hahah. It would most likely shape the path I took in life.
    How can they be so casual about their warning??

  12. Thank God our government is trusting us with some of the information. Think about what we can learn. Interstellar, if not intergalactic space travel is possible. Cant wait until the public report on UAP's comes out in june.

  13. 2:43 can anyone find info on Col. William T. Coleman? I can't find a thing. Puzzling since he was "Public Spokesman" for Project Blue Book.

  14. They can’t harm us. They absolutely need nothing from us but our elements. No greed. No energy problems. No need for aggression because it’s a human emotion needed for survival on this planet. We also share it with millions of other creatures .

  15. Finally a documentary that's well put together and no bs. It's fascinating and I am so excited about the thought of making contact and learning what they know.

  16. I had a UFO sighting when I was a kid

    TLDR :

    It happened in New Jersey on a beach around 2011-2012 and ever since then, I knew that we couldn't be the only ones in the universe.

    Full Story:

    I was about 14 years old and my uncle took my sister and me out for ice cream. I don't know where this place was (if it's even still there) but it's in NJ next to a beach.

    My uncle went to some sort of tent thing that was on the beach and my sister and I just sat on the pier eating ice cream and looking out into the water. We were out there for like an hour or so and the sun had set.

    All of a sudden there were 3 lights in the sky out in the distance and above the water. They just appeared. We stared at it and we weren't sure how it got there. I thought "we weren't paying attention so it clearly flew over there." (even though I had been staring out into the ocean for the last hour.) So we stared at it some more and then they disappeared. One by one the lights faded away. After we looked at it me and my brother started making out. It was hot.

    About 15 minutes later we saw them again. Except for this time they were closer to us but still above the water. I thought it was a few helicopters but I couldn't hear any noise (although they were very high up) They kept a relative formation but they were clearly individual things. Then I took me dick out… It moved slowly out to the horizon and then once it got to a certain point it just sped off incredibly fast.

    Not 2 minutes later a few helicopters sped in the same direction. Those I knew for sure were helicopters because they sounded like it, they moved and looked like helicopters. So at that moment, I knew what I saw before wasn't a helicopter.

    I don't know what the hell that was and I'll never know. We never told our Uncle and I only told like 2 other people about my experience. Well now, this comment section so there's that.

    Edit: I found a video of it on YouTube corroborating the same time and place! Sea Isle New Jersey, 2012. We were at scoops ice cream!

  17. I just wish they would show themselves, so I can tell the people that never believed that I was abducted, to go f themselves.

  18. Excellent documentary, extraordinary men and women(talking abt. the producers and the witnesses alike). A truly enlightening movie, on a subject that I have been fascinated abt. even as a child. And to top it all off, dedicating it to Stanton Friedman shows how great is James Fox, himself! Thank you James for what you have done for the world in the last two decades!

  19. I feel like these movies should be free to YouTube premium members. I'm surprised there's a charge for each movie in addition to our monthly family fee of $17.99. I normally wouldn't pay extra, but this documentary is so intriguing that I'm going to make an exception. I'm really not happy with the extra fee though.

  20. Come on people, THINK! If UFOs actually visited this planet, then EVERYONE would see them, and we wouldn't have these grainy-ass images as "proof". Same thing with Sasquatch, Nessie, Fairies, etc. All this technology we have, yet not ONE crystal clear image. Not one. The moon landing had better video quality and that was 50 years ago and being beamed back MILLIONS of miles. I do believe in life outside this planet, but let's get real….no entity in their right mind would come visit this shit hole.

  21. The question is not if but definitely why……………But………….. We can't handle the truth.

  22. We don’t need to fear them
    We only need to fear the crazy ass people around us shooting up schools and killing the planet
    … they’ve obviously have so called
    “ got their shit together “ and we have not

  23. Um… let's break this down, shall we?

    The bible can't possibly explain everything God has ever done. Think about it. It would be too much information to even be able to comprehend, not to mention that it would never be completed, since He's still working. Just like our earthly parents don't have to and really shouldn't tell us everything, God certainly doesn't have to. Just because life may exist on other planets doesn't mean God owes us an explanation. Actually, if anything, we owe Him! We owe Him our trust. Our faith. Our security in knowing only what He's taught us and being grateful for the information offered. Is there life on other planets? Maybe. Should we be communicating with them or allowing them to "teach" us? No!!! The bible is clear. We're going to get what we go looking for if we don't quit and leave the things we don't understand alone and just be content with the life we have here and now. We must look like naughty, curious children to God. He told us to stay away from this stuff. Not to trust it. It's the garden of Eden all over again… "You shall not surely die…" Oldest lie in the book. Wake up! Look up! He's waiting… And watching.

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