The Roswell UFO Report: Fact or Fiction?

The Roswell Report said UFO sightings are just high-altitude experiments and weather balloons. But the evidence proves otherwise and the facts are presented here in this revealing documentary featuring actual photos and films from the U S government. So why the need for continued cover-up? Watch The Roswell UFO report – fact or fiction and you decide what really happened in Roswell New Mexico.


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  1. have we any up close 4k resolution video in daylight of these aliens from billions upon billions of light years ago ?

  2. The crash of the Roswell UFO is 100% real. In order to conceal the truth, the U.S. military artificially created false images with the intent to confuse the public, continue to conceal the UFO truth, deceive the public, and deceive taxpayers.

  3. The Govt. changed there story 3 times which only liars do !
    The fact a intelligence officer could not tell a balloon from a flying saucer is not plausible but they had to coverup the truth but the intelligence officer did not know to lie !

    We had just won the war and things were getting normal again but believed whatever the govt. said !
    The coverup worked very well for awhile but the truth came out at a steady pace and then Stanley Friedman found enough govt. documents to show the Roswell incident was very highly classified and not a secret balloon project and it was covered up !

    We have several ET craft recovered as it turns out the FBI knew of 3 and was denied access !

  4. Are we seriously supposed to believe that highly experienced staff in what was the most secretive and highly classified base in the Western Hemisphere at the time couldn’t tell the difference between something earthly and something completely different and not from here , can you smell that ………….. BULLSHIT . Spooky dummies 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. If it was not for the ‘music’ it would be interesting. Who chose this rubbish ? Must be tone deaf 😂😂😂😂😂👎’

  6. Am I missing something??? Roswell took place in 1947. All this crap is about projects that took place in the 50's and 60's.

  7. I wouldn't put it past them to have made these programs post roswell just to have them to reference as misidentification for roswell.

  8. Clinton was lying to even Children way back then. That’s when we should have known what was coming.

  9. They still had a Conscience back then so lying was hard for them,but once the Clintons came along those psychopaths had no problem lying to the American people out of hate for them. They are the true entities of Evil, once them and people like them are eradicated from our World it will begin to heal and the World will be a much nicer place to live.

  10. Too many high rank military people have come out with ufos and aliens on there death bed to be fake. Too too many

  11. Watch the citizen hearings. I ain’t even seen this one and I can tell you it’s irrelevant

  12. After all these years I wonder how with as many military personnel who where used to clean up a flying saucer have not brought out whether or not it was a flying saucer or a balloon that crashed at Roswell.

  13. i suppose anyone ca or could see the difference between an alien and a dummy, not only in shape and the fact that the dummies where made of plastic or something but also the clothes they were wearing…

  14. Balls of steel to be going that high in a Balloon, then to jump out, no way in hell would I have volunteered for something like that. I'm sure he did the next two jumps after discovering the amount of beautiful women dying to hear the story during pillow talk.

  15. The eyewitness no the differences from a dummy or something from not from here the bodys were the size of children not a dummy that is the size of a human .

  16. The first cover up report did not mentioned wetherballoons. They said balloons with equipment for use af listening to russian nuclear tests.
    The question is also. Why would there be human dummies together with wether balloons?

  17. Yeah sure Bill, and you "didn't have sexual relations with that woman " either . 😉😉
    Whatever you say ,Bill. 😉

  18. We're they testing space capsules in 1947? I'm not sure about that. We had only had Nazi V2 rocket engineers for a year or two.

  19. Sorry, but to suggest that this lot was the truth behind roswell is insulting to the eyewitnesses and army personnel who were there and saw small aliens with big heads and weren’t human, and one was still alive. This is wholly ridiculous misinformation video.

  20. Alien craft. Watch Marcell interview, and Roswell Final Verdict on Discovery+……almost moronic to suggest it was anything but an ET craft. Marcell knew it til the day he died. And that the debris in the famous photo wasn’t the actual debris. Was replaced. And, Marcell KNEW weather balloons. This material blew his mind.

  21. Don't believe a man who lied to his wife that he cheated on her. He's a liar. . . 0:26

    Ne croyez pas un homme qui a menti à sa femme, qu'il l'avait trompé. C'est un menteur . . . 0:26

  22. Notice this stuff says USAF, and Man- High all over it. Marsell never reported anything like that.

  23. If Roswell as we perceive it didn`t happen why was Jesse Marcel gagged? Why did the base try to buy child size coffins? Why was the undertaker, W. Glenn Davis threatened with death if he spoke about the base? Why was the nurse who witnessed the autopsy in such a state of nerves when she confided in Mr Davis? See the interview with W. Glenn Davis interview here on YT. Check out the film Roswell, much food for thought in that excellent film.

  24. A few weeks prior to the roswell crash there was another hushed up ufo crash a stones throw away in the same area of which was also witnessed,
    I heard this in early 2021 on a UK radio station named TALKRADIO on 'the unexplained show' with host Howard Hughes, he spoke to the author of a book about the incident thats recently released, Howard Hughes has a podcast of that 1 hour interview which gives full details of this true story event, when I heard it I was stunned.

  25. I hear mosquito 🦟 bites can kill the Aliens hence why they trying to do hard sterilize the Mosquito Population
    now with geneticly modified Mosquitoes. They didn't care about it before but now it's a problem with the Alien Overlords.

  26. U can tell that is just some shit they threw together and did. They got no data of doing that. They were johnny on the spot collecting these things yet they weren't in 1947. Hell they didn't know anything about it. U don't have to be an investigator to see that. It's that obvious. They even made something that looked like a saucer 10yrs later. That's disparate. I've seen meth addicts do a better job than this bunch of go getters. That's extremely bad

  27. Marcell KNEW balloons. To think he would confuse Alien craft wreckage with a weather balloon, mogul balloon, w/e is just foolishness. He was sure from almost arrival to his death that it was ‘an alien craft’. He also claimed repeatedly that they switched the materials with weather balloon crap for the news photo. There’s no way around this folks. It was a craft. I love hearing people try to debunk things with HALF the available information. There’s nothing I haven’t seen or heard on the subject. The evidence points SO STRONGLY at a craft. Not just bc of Marcell, but he’s a good part of the reason why. They made him poster boy for the biggest lie ever on this planet. And he grew resentful of them over it. This was not the military he had always been so enamored with

  28. Call it something other than an ET craft, but don’t you dare call it ANY kind of balloon. Every statement made by ppl on site CLEARLY disproves ANY balloon. Marcell had set off weather type balloons on MANY occasions. People are either on someone’s payroll, incredibly close minded, or they’re just a bunch of idiots. Certainly humanity as a whole has proven to be , on average, way more ignorant than I ever could have imagined. I thought most everyone was as intelligent or nearly so, as I was….but the last year has prove that it’s certainly NOT the case.

  29. Real alien UFOs are flying around but there is a real problem with Roswell. A Sept 1947 memorandum from Wright Field ( Wright Patterson Air Force Base and where according to a July 1947 FBI report the Roswell wreckage was sent for analysis) to the Commanding General of the Army Air Forces on the subject of " Flying Discs" ie UFOs ( the term UFO hadn't been invented yet) says there is a "lack of physical evidence in the shape of crash recovered exhibits) or in plain English " WE DON'T HAVE ANY CRASHED UFOS"! Roswell researcher Nick Redfern has uncovered a more diabolical and disturbing origin for Roswell than the crash of an alien craft. He was told by retired military and intelligence officials – some of whom agreed to be named – that Roswell was caused by illegal high altitude experiments by NEPA (Nuclear Energy for Propulsion of Aircraft) from White Sands using expendable mutant Japanese test subjects flying in gondola type platforms attached to military balloons. This explains the early civilian reports of balloon-like wreckage. It also explains why Roswell eyewitness Melvin Brown described the bodies as looking " Asian". Redfern points out there is an October 1947 US Air Force medical report on the subject of high altitude experiments which refers to the "recent crashes around White Sands"(!) He also predicts that if Roswell turns out to be NEPA rather than alien the UFO community will NOT be able to recover from the collective shock.

  30. Some Great Content here… Bill Clinton making jokes while he was getting Bj's and denying that too.

  31. Yes it was an UFO that did crashed in Mexico an you can take that to the bank
    Because tha Government is lying

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