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  1. I know the mentality of village teachers and village children. I think this whole thing is a facade for a famine zone attraction.

  2. I think this story would sound better on the coast to coast am talk show with George Knapp or George noory

  3. i heard that the some of the kids said that the beings communicated with them telepathically and that they were advised to take care of the Earth or that we all will die, will not be able to breathe the air.

  4. My parents are from Zimbabwe and told me about this story a few weeks back and have never heard of it again and they knew this happened when they were very young

  5. It could be entirely possible that the aliens were warning the children then because the children would be the future adults .

  6. This is kinda believable just because they say that it landed in AFRICA because we usually hear about ufo sightnings only from america

  7. at 5:22 I was not completely paying attention but I swear he said they saw a D1ck (the male part) land with 300 witnesses. I about spit out my drink.

  8. He mentions that aliens are not hostile as they could easily shoot down a jet… I have to disagree, they don't know/Understand the technology we posses so why would they try shooting it down? exactly the same with us, we wont try shoot it down because we don't understand what technology it posses or even how it would react. Saying aliens are not a threat is a lie, we don't their intentions and also if they mean no harm why not show themselves more frequently? why fly off or hide when one us see them? makes no sense to me at all.

  9. I can verify this account, my sisters attended the boarding school in 1997, we talk about it now and then. It happened, even the teachers saw it, as disruptive as it was internationally it was kept under control. They were small, grey in black suits, they didn’t speak, but left various messages to her and those who saw them. They are not aliens, they have been here longer than us. What modern society calls aliens today are apparitions and phenomena historically called demons, akuma, nephelim, anunaki, angels etc. there have been many names given to them, they don’t all have the same agenda — this was a message conveyed on that visit, my sister is one of the children in the filmed documentary who’s written statement was taken at the time! I was at another boarding then where we also had visits but this particular event was very much acknowledged because there were 3 to 4 crafts that landed. It was not an ambiguous event.

  10. I saw this a few years ago, when the little children explained what happened, I knew it was true, little kids are not capable of lying, they said what they saw.

  11. I’ve seen so many ufo’s defy laws of physics… at this point if you think we are the only ones, you are crazy!

  12. The kids weren't acting they were tricked to think it was real buy adult!!!. educated technology.

  13. Toe Rogan is 5’4”

    He wears customs lifts that make him 5’7”


  14. We who have seen are chosen ones..I to saw seven orange globes. I watched as two came down then three then two more . And they all came from the same spot in the sky.anyway then a year later I saw one looking straight at me. And then two days later my cat came in with a bird. It died and I cried for it asking them to help. Never got an answer till about a week later when I was thinking about the bird at my window. See I burried it in a coffee jar with Twiggs and seeds for food and leaves for comfort. Well no sooner did I think of it when in the dead of winter a seed and one leaf just appeared on my window cill. So I'm thinking for some strange reason we are chosen for something or another.you will only see them if they want you to see. OK be safe out there and keep looking up.

  15. I don't think that guy got hit by a car by accident…… ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  16. I’m from Zimbabwe and my Father has worked at the international airport for almost 30 years as a Meteorologist.

    I knew this case through him as a kid and it is still common knowledge in the Zimbabwean society 🤯

  17. Is this guy really insinuating that a classroom full of adults and children in Zimbabwe would be too dumb and disconnected from the rest of the world to tell anyone that aliens landed in their parking lot, got out and hung out and telepathically communicated with everyone?

  18. Dude… If they have the ability to communicate by telepathy, they certainly now if they are talking to children or not.

  19. You had me at…children in Zimbabwe 🇿🇼. Aren't those the same people that the 1st time they seen a drone thought it was a god that came to judge the world of all its evils???

  20. You know in remote parts of the Amazon when they seen a Toyota celica for the 1st time they thought it was Fieneto the god of wrath coming to slaughter their elderly

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