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This is the most compelling UFO footage captured on video by an US aircraft

-First video: This is the most compelling UFO footage captured by US Homeland Security officers from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.
-Second video: Original footage of video above.
-Third video: The UFO vid shown to Congress last year.
-Fourth video: Hawaii. UFO sighting captured just after the passage of a Hurricane. It was recorded by a tourist. The video has been analyzed.
-Fifth video: Speeding Black, solid, domed, UFO captured by helicopter in the Netherlands.
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“Ufomania – the truth is out there” is an entertainment Youtube Channel.
All videos are for entertainment purposes only.
Some videos will make you think and it’s great to have the ability to think for yourself, others will make you laugh, which is one of the best things a human being can do in this life, hey, a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.
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This is the most compelling UFO footage captured on video by an US aircraft

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