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Those AREN’T Satellites.. Telescope Video of UFO Activity on Moon Proves..

A camera secured to a telescope records strange movement of multiple UFOs seen at different times, above and near the Moon.. Evidence of Alien structures, bases, ruins & UFO activity on the Moon has been well documented for 50+ years and featured here on Secureteam countless times. There’s a reason we never went back.. NASA knows, but will never tell.. So we’ll do it for them.

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Secureteam10 is the Biggest news source online for Coverage of ALL things Strange & Unknown happening on and off of our Planet. From UFO sighting videos & incidents, Strange weather or Planetary activity, Space anomalies and more.. For years, Secureteam has published dedicated research and evidence into uncovering the unbelievable hidden truths behind the Alien Phenomenon, and those trying to hide it. Extraterrestrial life exists, and we’ve posted solid video proof of it on this channel for nearly a decade. Subscribe and know the truth.

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Those AREN’T Satellites.. Telescope Video of UFO Activity on Moon Proves..

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