Three UFOs spotted in Canada every day in 2017: survey

There were three UFO sightings in Canada every day in 2017 according to a survey by UFOlogy Research of Manitoba. Janet Dirks has the story. Footage of the ‘Squamish Orb’ was captured by Rob Freeman.

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49 Comments on “Three UFOs spotted in Canada every day in 2017: survey”

  1. 2007 in Plymouth NH. I saw two UFO’s in the same year on Tenny Mountain. One while driving and one at dusk out in the open about 70 yards away. It was the size of a Sudan, made no noise and had many appendages or antennas with blinking lights on the tips. It went above the tree line and spun at the top of the mountain and continued its path beyond my view. That is all.

  2. I recorded this kind of ufo hiding in the clouds a couple years ago, clip is on my channel.

  3. Not surprised more ufos are being cited these days. Drone technology keeps getting better and better and there's so many new types being invented all the time for the private sector alone. Just imagine how advanced the govt drones are?

  4. Of the 4,000 exoplanets we’ve discovered, 12 have been considered “better than earth” at sustaining life. There are billions of planets, imagine how many others are better at sustaining life, there has to be something out there!

  5. Я бы рассказала,что я видела,это было классно

  6. I am also called Alien when I migrated to the USA thats why I have my ARN (Alien registration number)

  7. “I look for intelligence in the sky, because I don’t find it here on earth”

    this made my day

  8. its all bout Militarisation of space!! Thats why they create SpaceForce. don't be fooled.

  9. Sorry we already know they exist is the government wants to try to keep it a secret so they can keep the aliens to themselves and the technology

  10. Me and my girlfriend have both seen one at the exact same time and it was close so yeah I definitely believe

  11. …Believe in evidence not conspiracy. How about those drones, jet packs, and other military experimental equipment. Produce evidence outside of cloning animals with humans and then you have a show.

  12. The missile launch produce very strange visual effects in the night sky. You can clearly see the stream of reactive jet. Extraterrestials NEVER use reactive jets as a source of movement. If they had used they would never reach our planet. They use ANTIGRAVITATION and they surpassed the speed of light long ago.

  13. Not s laughing matter anymore. It's going to be even more serious as more and more disclosure cones from our governments

  14. I've seen the green one before at about 3am from my kitchen window. It just bounced and shot straight up vanishing into the sky. Thought I was seeing things lol

  15. Ok but what’s up with the random faux confident lady at the beginning & end? Random 😂

  16. I once looked up and saw a saucer flying towards me. I knew it was an alien UFO. But then i saw it was a ceramic dish my angry mother had hurled at me.

  17. I thought the title meant the same 3 ufos are spotted everyday 🤣 I thought holy crap I wanna go see

  18. Actually no one believe me..I saw a UFO… The shape wasn't visible because some type of so high powered light was blinking..

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