Top 10 Military Sightings of UFOs

If aliens are real, these are the incidents historians will point to as early indicators of their existence. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most tantalizing cases in which military personnel reported seeing UFOs! Our countdown includes The Battle of Los Angeles, The Roswell Incident, The USS Theodore Roosevelt Sightings, and more! Which of these stories do you find the most convincing? Let us know in the comments!

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47 Comments on “Top 10 Military Sightings of UFOs”

  1. Trump said: I will stop alien invasion..
    Can you imagine how big will be the US border' s wall?

  2. so the people still believe that an air baloon ka stand against 50 caliber shots and anti craft missiles..and the amount of trust americans have on thier army..that they say the army couldnt diffrentiate between an air baloon and an unidentified craft…so much trust in the army…those morons dont even know the diffrence between air baloon and craft…i who is sitting at home is sayingnit was a baloon..sakd an idiot

  3. everything is a weather baloon…my cat is a weather baloon too…i myself am a weather baloon on fridays…everything that flies is a weather baloon

  4. Why would we want aliens to exist? I mean we haven’t figured out how to be nice to each other let alone to an alien race with far better technology than us. I don’t feel like fighting a war against aliens is all I’m saying

  5. Wow! I can't believe we now have a "Top 10" list of UFO sightings. This should prove how mainstream this phenomenon has become in such a short period.

  6. Finland 🇫🇮🇫🇮 its not only usa thing.. they are everywhere and they going in to the water all the time. Maybe we dont need to find answer in the space. Look the water.

  7. I'm sure all these people saw nothing… sure. Keep fooling yourselves! You're being lied to by the government.

  8. "Ufologists were not convinced"

    Yeah, well anything that doesn't confirm their beliefs would be dismissed as false by them.

  9. I believe in UFO’s but I can guarantee the Rendelshim forest incident is a hoax. Just a few short years ago one of the men who said he saw the craft just so happens to finally remember that in the back of the notebook he used to take notes had 3 pages worth of a binary code that translated to something so fake and lame I forgot what it was. How did he never mention that telepathic message he claims to have received until 30 years later. Btw the handwriting of the code is perfect… keep in mind he’s supposed to be in the dark woods scared out his mind. Watch old and new documentaries on it their story changes.

  10. The Elon Musk starlink satellites that recently caused a stir sure looked identical to the Phoenix lights.

  11. There are High resolution photos, but those have not been released. More FIFA actions must be done to get more info.

  12. US govt insider, "Mike from Around the World", has already disclosed that the govt worked with a SATANIST who conjured up ALIENS (DEMONS) resulting in ROSWELL. The govt extracted ancient advanced technology from these sinister Fallen Angels; we are living in a biblical world.
    ****ALIENS ABDUCTIONS have been stopped when the victims have invoked the name of Jesus Christ, thru faith. COW MUTILATIONS caused by SATANISTS who conjure up demons to harm cows.
    ****FULL DISCLOSURE on LA Marzulli Youtube channel, see his documentary.

  13. I mean, most of them could be predator ships, which came back to collect the dead bodies of fallen predator warriors, right?

  14. How come you guys never include those weird lights that up a bunch of people saw over Phoenix that they actually broadcasted on the news and everything?

  15. Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have uncensored news…..try Duck Duck Go as a search engine…..

  16. Nahh im tired of this news and conspiracy.. i wont believe until it truly appears and on the world news

  17. Theres been alien beings on earth and checking us out they already exist since humankind was born

  18. "If the government is covering up knowledge of aliens, they are doing a better job of it than they do at anything else. If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans." – Stephen Hawking

  19. This is the first video I’ve sat and watched from WatchMojo in years. Amazing video 🙏🏽

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