Top 10 Most Infamous UFO Alien Hoaxes

If aliens are among us, they’re doing a pretty good job of hiding it. For this list, we’ll be looking at infamous alien or UFO encounters that have since been thoroughly (if disappointingly) debunked. Our countdown includes Jerusalem Lights, Crop Circles, Alien Autopsy Film, and more! Do you have a favorite alien encounter story? Let us know in the comments..

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30 Comments on “Top 10 Most Infamous UFO Alien Hoaxes”

  1. Lesson learned beware of misinformation. Wasn't there also another one like with some balloon was seen flying and they thought a child got abducted by it but it was really just a remote control balloon and the child was okay and wasn't in the balloon? Or maybe that didn't have anything to do with aliens and I'm just mixing up new stories I don't even remember

  2. If there are aliens, you best hope we never meet them. Anythung that can reach us would deem us to be insects twchnologically and would probaly enslave, or destroy us to get gold or water or even the planet itself. Look at how we trwat ourselves, the american indian the Australian aboringinee, the Aztecs, the Incans the list is endless all crushed and obliterated by a more advanced and ruthless civilization and they had the benift of being the same species, you cannot imagine the callous savagery youd be met with by a hostile alien force. Lilly the same way you step on bugs is how genocide of humanity would seem to an advanced alien race.

  3. Honestly for a fake UFO video the one in Haiti is pretty good and realistic. I genuinely hope the guy responsible has a good career in Hollywood.

  4. Everybody scoffs UFOs and aliens but when that (fake) autopsy video surfaced, it was almost a national holiday where I live. Everybody stopped to watch it.

  5. The crop circle dudes were proven to be liars around the same time they claim to have done the crop circles. There are plenty of videos showing the clear differences between man-made crop circles & real crop circles.

    The most notable being that with the man-made crop circles, the crops are bent and/or broken in order for them to lay down. With the real crop circles, the crops rapidly grow nodes enabling the plant to naturally & rapidly grow lying down in the directions that form the crop circles. Not bent or broken. This cannot be done by any technology on earth.

  6. Thank you for the update, WatchMojo..!! I didn't know the Nazca mummy was a hoax event until today. @.@

  7. DWELL on this for a second.
    You know how everything used to be real? There are so many scripted "Real" Reality TV shows, Karen videos, Pranks, "Freestyles" etc now that when 1 gets exposed they all seem fake to us from then on. Smh All the real shit is constantly getting drowned out by fake shit. What I'm trying to say is, there are probably hella real Ufo sightings but we wouldn't know that because everything is fabricated now we don't know if we should believe it or not🤔

  8. I have watched half of this video and got fed up. About all i heard was it was told it was fake. Can we see the evidence?

  9. I heard the alien autopsy from the thumb nail was actually real and was played off as fake

  10. I kinda find it hard to believe that two old guys were able to draw a perfect circle on crops by themselves. Specially during their time period. Not saying it was aliens, but I don't think this is the full story. Be it a government experiment like the saucers, or some higher conspiracy.

  11. The government paid watchmojo to say these sightings are fake, don't be sheeple and wake up, you all need to make an aluminium foil hat to protect against the government anti alien rays

  12. Pretty sure I heard the Alien Autopsy video wasn't really meant to dupe people. It was Fox who took the video and tried to pass it off as real.

  13. Well a lot of people wonder if there are any other intelligent civilizations out there. Yet believing conspiracies can make certain people paranoid about that matter.

  14. So you're going to make crop circles number 10 but not mention how a very small amount of them have actually remained unexamined. Due to cross weaving and bent knodes.

  15. Absolute garbage about the crop circles! especially the more intricate one's, the only proof put forward by two jokers with a rope and pole is crude circular patterns with the evidence of foot prints everywhere, the real crop circles are mathematical pieces of art and evidence of the nodes in the stems being exposed to some sort of microwaves, further more let's see footage of Doug Bower and Dave Chorley creating the more massive circles over night?

  16. I saw #1 at the time and instantly saw that the "Autopsy" lacked any semblance of reality, followed by real doctors scoffing at the performance (one of them said it resembled an "amateur butcher," who'd never seen a professional). The "doctor" even cut an organ in two before he weighed it.

  17. A friend of mine once had his mother in law stamping around with a old moth eaten fur ( yes, real fur) and got mistaken for a Sasquatch.

  18. Super shallow and shitty shut down of what some people have actually experienced. Disappointed in this video. I’m not saying all the videos are real, but you sure in the hell don’t know either way. Judgmental in all the wrong ways.

  19. This video is clearly listing things that they’re claiming to be “proven fake” that are not “proven” to be so at all. You’re just speculating. This is an easy dislike from me watchmojo.

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