Top 20 UFOs Caught on Camera

These videos are proof that we’re not alone…or are they? For this list, we’ll be looking at the most discussed and debated videos and photos of unidentified flying objects. Our countdown includes Hopeh Incident, Lubbock Lights, STS-48 Incident, Aguadilla Airport Incident, Gimbal, and more! Which UFO sighting do YOU think is real? Let us know in the comments!

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41 Comments on “Top 20 UFOs Caught on Camera”

  1. What people don’t seem to understand is that scientists are the first to want to find aliens…so when a person who worked on the ISS tells you they drop old debris, they’re not lying. Everyone wants aliens to contact us, so if they really did everyone would know.

  2. The ones declassified by the pentagon and the more recent statement by Obama that these sightings are completely unknown,,

  3. Given recent revelations, you may want to knock it off with trying to make fun of all this stuff. Crap like this is why its hard to have a serious conversation about these phenomena.

  4. Hold on a moment I actually know a person that has good video of a triangle 🔺️ ship at 7am 2 years ago 💥

  5. Peaple wake up cence 1948 the 🇺🇸 developed these ufo s its all government roswell thare are no green men our big foots only in Hollywood dum dumbs believe the small brains like democrats

  6. 4:11 u can see the heart shaped forcefield that bob lazar and many others explain. I’ve never believed in ufos until I saw the fighter pilot video. I thought of every thing that could explain this and nothing did. There was no change in story, body language was on par, everything was pointing in the direction like holy fuck this might be real. And the skeptics explanation of the unexplainable just made it all seem even more valid because for the fist time, the ufo skeptics didn’t make any sense! It’s incredibly interesting going down the rabit hole of ufo videos and connecting the dots and it’s just like wow, we might be uncovering the next step in our evolution.

  7. 2:00 how tf can 'experts' call it Saturn or freakin street lights? The objects are in a fleet, just like the Gimbal video or recently leaked 2019 USS Omaha incident.

  8. I don’t know why but Is anyone else extremely bugged by the narrators voice, the clips, and the things they say? Or is it just me.

  9. Ang UFO,yong Sasakyan ng NASA at DARPA.
    ang Alliem yong mga tao sa NASA At DARPA..
    kaya nilang maging pangit..

  10. Strange Object Is Circling Earth .how to explain that?I have ideas.If they living inside earth so that mean they growned up in a sort of earth attraction.And this could affect their intelligence their knowlegde.Perhaps they and their technological ufo are like SUPERMAN when they are not inside earth.Perhaps they technological ufo using wind and gravity + magnet of earth to feed the ufo speed!!!!

  11. ANTARCTICA = they already beat us once (BIRD EXP) we know where the REAL COLD DANGER is from,,

  12. Anybody curious about UFOs might Google search David Fravor & Alex Dietrich. Best UFO incident ever.

  13. 6:15– is he saying they just toss the garbage into orbit with all the other debris? That seems like a bad idea.

  14. You guys frustrate me. Smh!! You gotta stop trying to idealize existence. You fill your cups and do not leave room to add more, never believe that you know something fully so that way you can understand it more. The bible made mankind think nothing else could exist and science proved there's more than what bible is saying. Clearly someone or something wanted to divide us. Why? Why did someone want to keep us guessing? Clearly the bible wanted us to be without today's technologies, I mean look at what we have done with it. And out of all the satellites in space do you seriously think that NASA and the governments don't know when a UFO or UAP flying around Earth? Why cover it up? Why now are religions saying that Extraterrestrials could exist when they swore that we lived in an Island universe and there is nothing else? Why did the Bible try so hard to suppress learning more about ourselves and who we are? They killed Pagans, Mayans, Native Americans, burned all the literature that was advancing us or went against what they wanted mankind to think.. The library of Alexandria was destroyed and buried monuments like Mesopotamia. We are now rediscovering everything the Bible took from us and to relearn this things comes with great stigmatism. We advance, we reset, then we advance then we reset. Is our existence some sort of Extraterrestrial video game? It feels like earth is planetary chess..

  15. You can see terrorists clearly 1000s of miles away from satellite images so I’m confused why we can’t get better pictures of these UFOS

  16. All this crap is a media hoax. If you believe this stuff, you probably think Biden won the election fairly

  17. The US military and government have admitted there are UFO’s and Obama came out and admitted it.

  18. What’s crazy is since mankind has been on this earth why do we still not have concrete proof

  19. You left out several famous and more convincing recordings. I saw a UFO, UP CLOSE, in 1973. And the experience lasted nearly a half hour. So I don't believe they exist. I KNOW they exist. I'm a journalist. I don't make things up. My problem is the upcoming Pentagon report will document lots of sightings of unexplained things, but will not answer any key questions, other than yes, we can confirm, since we've been studying them since the 1950-s, that there are unexplained things flying about on the Earth. so what? Humans have observed this since the ancient Egyptians. Polls show a large majority of Americans have seen a UFO or know someone who has. OK. so they exist. but the key questions? won't be answered, and thus it remains a mystery.
    There have been NO reports ever of these things being hostile. None. so why are we so concerned about national security? It's nonsense. What needs to be accomplished is a United Nations commission to combine the research and sightings of the Chinese and Russians, the UK, and the USA, all of which have been trying to come up with answers for decades. Perhaps answers will begin to emerge is these nations cooperate in the search for the questions that should be posed …what are they, who are they, why are they here, and why are they so damn shy? they don't communicate with us, and they are more secretive than the human led governments trying to figure out these questions. Finally, what's the big shocker? Why are humans , modern humans, who've only been around 200,000 Earth years so ARROGANT? If the Universe has been around for nearly 14 billion Earth years, and there are more stars than grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth, the sheer chances of other civilizations developing is large. So what is all the hullaballoo about? We are not alone. That is cause for celebration, not fear, trepidation, or alarm. All accounts that are credible demonstrate they have not harmed humans. Ain't it great to know that they exist? Now we need to figure out how to communicate with them. If that is ever accomplished, THAT would be the most important development in human history. We need a UN Commission to investigate. as for the "visual" evidence in this video? Only the US Navy footage so far released, since it also contains evidence the objects can be detected by radar, is somewhat convincing. but again, so what? Get used to it. they exist. Now comes the hard part. Answering those key questions. As I stated, I've KNOWN they exist since 1973, about the time JImmy Carter and hundreds of reliable eyewitnesses saw them flying over Georgia, not far from where I experienced, not unusual flying discs or lights darting about in the sky, but a real craft moving slowly. The person I was with saw the same exact thing. Get used to it folks. WE ARE NOT ALONE , and ain't that great?

  20. Wait, so do all these videos have her debunking every sighting with a “logical event”? Lol smh

  21. The Belgian wave might be the aurora stealth aircraft used by the us but since Belgium is our Allie the us might fly it there and in the us similar sightings have happened and has been proven to be the aurora

  22. There are hundreds of UFO pictures and film now. Many are better than most of these. Especially since you show fake ones.

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