U.S. government releases long-awaited UFO report

A long-awaited Pentagon report on UFOs was released, revealing there have been more than 140 unexplained sightings since 2003. The report found no evidence that the objects came from outer space.

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44 Comments on “U.S. government releases long-awaited UFO report”

  1. If the existence of aliens is proven, it would also indicate that there is no God, and religion is far too valuable of a tool of control for the establishment.

  2. They will never, ever tell us the truth. If the existence of extra-terrestrials is proven, it would also indicate that there is no God, and religion remains far too valuable of a tool of control for the establishment all around the world.

  3. According to the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    Think about it. If these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED such a Advanced Technology, against us by now!

    We better hope these UAPS that have been flying in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades, are Extraterrestrial. Because if these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then America is in BIG TROUBLE!

    Think about this. If these UAPS are from Foreign countries, then our Intelligence agencies, should All be ***(FIRED)***! Because these UAPS have been flying in American Air Spaces for Decades! This would be the BIGGEST Intelligence FAILURE in the history of the United States! And the UAP Task Force Report said, that these UAPS are NOT from American Technology.

    And once again, if these UAPS where from Russia or China, they would have DEFINITELY USED it Against us by now!

    So if these UAPS are Not from American Technology. And unless our Intelligence agencies, had a MASSIVE Intelligence Failure, to detect that Russia or China, had Extremely Advanced Technology, that could fly in and out of American Air Spaces for Decades! Then WHO, or WHAT else is left for these UAPS???

    A lot of people have speculated, that more Advanced Extraterrestrial life forms, would view us like we view Animals here on Earth; as less Advanced life forms, to VIEW and monitor our behavior and Habits; like the way we Monitor and Track Animals behavior in the wild.

    This is a very good Theory. Because like how we Monitor and Track animal Behavior in the wild; and even implant Tracking devices on Animals, to track their behavior patterns; a much more Advanced life form, might look at us as a Experiment, to Observe our Progress and Behavior; and Not really want to interfere with us in order to Contaminate the Experiment.

    That is why, there is probably very little Contact or Landing of these UFOs, from these possible Extraterrestrial life forms. They are Monitoring us as a Species.

    Think about it!

    And another point. Many people and Scientist, are using Human Logic, to try to make sense of how we think, that other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or act. We have No idea, how other Intelligence life forms might Think or behave, or how Advanced their Technologies could be! So for Scientist to think that they would know how other Extraterrestrial life forms would Behave or Think or their Logic, is not right. Scientist are making a BIG assumption, that other UFO life forms, would think like us. And we really have NO IDEA; how, or what other Extraterrestrial life forms, would think or Behave based on THEIR logic. And this Logic applies to how Advanced other Intelligent Alien life forms Technology could be. We have no idea just how Advanced Other Extraterrestrial life forms Technology could be. Just because WE cannot travel Vast distances in Space. That doesn't mean that some other Intelligent life forms, could not have figured out how to Travel vast distances in Space.

  4. HaHaHa this is total BS more BS every day in America. Ok so for the last
    100 years we have seen these UFOs and your telling me our so called
    state of the art military of the world dominator that has been to the
    moon etc but they don't know what these UFOs are, Haha good one. Wow
    they really believe the American public are so ignorant. I believe
    Watters, if there were real Aliens they would turn around and mark the
    space above with a marker saying do not bother! there is no intelligent
    life on that planet. Keep in mind two things, Area 51 and the skunk
    works do not communicate with the military or congress. Two! the
    president of Lockeed Martin said 15 years ago when asked what he thought
    of the show Star Trek he said " We have all that technology" So please
    lets all stop being stupid here and stop following all the governments
    created conspiracy's they release constantly.

  5. Check Local San Diego News Casts From Last Week
    Someone Is Testing Drone Tactics Against Naval Targets

  6. How is it we “scramble” any time something hits our air space, but yet our navy just sits there and looks at these?

  7. Fallen angels. They are going to blame “aliens” for the everyone who goes missing during the rapture of the remnant of Christ. Accept Jesus as savior

  8. Five years ago I saw my first UFO and I am 65 years old. I saw nothing when it was cool to see something. But out of no where I saw a flying object which was a round ball of light. Flying faster then I ever saw anything fly. But it was making 90 degree turns and not slowing down and then all at ounce went straight up and seam to leave orbit. Didn’t last long. And it was all over. But I am a Aircraft Carrier Sailor. I know how fast we can fly.

  9. These people are traders the United States citizens… I challenge anyone to prove to me otherwise

  10. The report is unacceptable, it reads like someone mashed it together in a fews days not 6 months of work. The public deserves more info than this. It's a joke. It's also almost the exact same announcement Maj. Gen. John A. Samford said about flying saucers in 1952. You're telling me we haven't learned anything more in 70 years, how dumb do they think people are…

  11. The Mandalorian new season teaser is a game changer in marketing. Out of this world. (good to see that Mando got his ship back)

  12. And evidece suggest that these ufos are alien college students messing with humans, the alien equivalent of cow tipping.

  13. I drove a ufo but the government and military or the news media doesn't want to talk to me .. I sent many emails and phone calls .. I never got to talk to anyone

  14. So we may conclude that out of all the misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and fake news there is ONE absolute truth: OUR GOVERNMENT LIES TO US!! freely 😀

  15. Wow ground breaking , our nations government is so full of crap they can’t tell us the truth on anything really sad that they think we are so stupid

  16. Those investigating are not going where all the answers lie… nor will they be granted access, should they attempt to. 1

  17. Interesting how most of the world’s reports of UFOs and virtually all claims of alien abduction take place in the US. Should there be better mental health provision there ?

  18. You know when the main stream media "each other you can not believe anything, Can you say an echo chamber Of fake media!

  19. 😂🤣💰🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  20. The know about the shift. Let’s not forget many believe Jesus to be Pleiadian! I grew up in Lares, Puerto Rico a few miles from the Arecibo Observatory. Trust me they have been around for decades, we have 8 mm film and I can account for many personal sightings. Humans are so self limiting.

  21. I love how FOXNEWS is always biast and fake news. That’s the only thing I agree with Trump.

    They know what these air crafts are. They are trying to confuse the public so we won’t create hysteria. Very sad that we’ve been lied for so many decades and this is where our tax dollars go.

    It’s very sad that every decade we are being lied to by our government and also the mainstream media.

    Now nobody can call you crazy or conspiracist because this is now on Fox. Just sad.

    Folks, it’s up to you as an American to all March to the Capital and demand your elected officials to force the Military Industrial Complex that controls our society to come forward. How long are we going to go with this? Majority of the whistleblowers have grown old and died. This has been erased and now recycled material.

    These extraterrestrials want us to know that they exist but want to help our ancient old civilization but clearly, the elites do not want us to know because we have to be controlled.

    William Thompkins, Boyd Bushman, Bob Lazzar, John Desouzas etc. How many credible people have to be the whistleblowers until the public finally believe and not call some of us crazies?

    Buddah, Jesus, Mohammad, Hindi are revealed extraterrestrials and every religion has truth to their stories. We are Devine beings like them and they tried warning us but we don’t listen. Our infamous leaders don’t listen. They strive for money and power. That’s what is actually suppressing us to ascend and to reach enlightenment.

    Money 💴 with the pyramid symbol is a controlled manipulative system. We don’t need currency actually. It causes racism, social class system, divides us, greed, arrogance, selfishness, and desires.

    I hope someday even if I’m gone that the leaders have no choice but to come forward. The extraterrestrials are truly trying to help us. If they wanted to destroy us and rule us they would’ve already. They are not the issue. It’s us.

    All we have to do is stop acting like children. With lame government shutdown between the Dems and Repubs. When are we going to grow up as Men and Women not kids? Our society is all about the money! It cost us money to be born and cost us money to die. When are we going to ever learn?

    They disarm our nukes because we were bent on destruction. They destroyed the meteorite that split and landed in Russia that almost destroyed our planet into extinction again. And yes, this was a couple years back until this news is not relevant again. When are we going to allow them to work with us as we constantly go to war with each other of stupid political power that never help us seek peace and create hatred and racism?

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