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UFO Aliens invasion… WE ARE NOT SAFE 😨 – UFO in China, Miami Mall Aliens Video, UFO Japan

Update on Miami Alien Video LEAKS – UFO Miami Mall Alien Incident. Inside Miami Mall Alien footage we have all been waiting for. We also got UFO China video and much more.

UFO Miami Mall Alien Incident An incident has broken out in a Mall in Miami!

News is coming in of an alleged alien attack in Bayside Mall in Miami Florida this comes after police flood the mall January 1st at 9:35 pm as can be seen in this video!

UFO Miami Alien Incident Update has it been debunked? New information has come in painting a different picture of the events in Bayside Miami FL. While it seems the creature may have been a hoax, things may still not be as they seem.

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UFO Aliens invasion… WE ARE NOT SAFE 😨 – UFO in China, Miami Mall Aliens Video, UFO Japan

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