UFO Hunters: Strange USOs Found in the Deep Sea (S1, E2) | Full Episode | History

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In 1990 a pilot flying his small plane off Catalina Island spotted an object just below the surface of the water which enveloped his plane with a bright light, freezing his controls, in Season 1, Episode 2, “USOs.” #UFOHunters
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UFO HUNTERS follows the team of Bill Birnes, Kevin Cook and Pat Uskert, as they investigate UFO cases around the world. The team’s access to UFO evidence is unparalleled—and their expertise allows them to quickly identify bogus claims of UFOs. Together, they use eyewitness accounts, scientific experimentation, documents recently released through the Freedom of Information Act and footage that has never been seen on television to piece together compelling—and sometimes chilling—evidence of UFO phenomena.

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27 Comments on “UFO Hunters: Strange USOs Found in the Deep Sea (S1, E2) | Full Episode | History”

  1. Sure……….Dude screwed up and crashed his plane killing his cousin and then had to say something!!

  2. “We’re gonna get to the bottom and resolve this USO problem” whole episode is recovering a gotdamn plane in the ocean! Lol

  3. These Aliens are MASTERS of all physics known to us and know them in much deeper /FAR BEYOND way.
    We don't have the knowledge they have. That is why they can do what they do.
    *…When these objects enter and leave the water… They don't even make a "splash" . These crafts have MANY abilities that we CANNOT mimic.
    Like watching a sci fi movie, ONLY THIS IS R E A L ‼️*

  4. 02:56 That's Commander Fravor's Tic-Tac. And what's crazy is that The Nimitz encounter happened around Catalina Island as well in 2004.

  5. Most of these people search for the UFO, Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, etc and expect to find them in 1-2 days. It's called RESEARCH not search. 😒

  6. Well, I just re-watched your video and the government now says you are right-they are real.

  7. Well there seems to be an unusual amount of UFO sightings off the San Diego coast. We have military reports in addition to civilians, something is going on and it doesn't appear to be US military.

  8. Everything points to “ why are they dropping into the ocean” all of the new evidence shown publicly is hinting towards this and much more. Also they sometimes mentioned that they are pyramid shaped UFOs.. this adds to ancient historical theories

  9. You would think that the Catalina Island today would be covered with HD surveillance cameras pointed at the sky and the ocean. So where is the footage?

  10. When you see these lights underwater it's like a highway at night😲😲😲😲 I saw these lights underwater in Southeast Alaska in the icy straits there was hundreds of lights underwater going really fast!!!

  11. Hahaha the just talk alot and put some figures lol ,they just talkie talkie the worst-case
    Nothing found jahahahaja

  12. That was the agreement, that we would allow them to mine our seas, for what I can only speculate. You want proof, pull up google earth anywhere in the seas and you will see tracks, many of them over five miles wide, many several hundred miles long, they are literally everywhere, they mine and leave us alone that’s the deal

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