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UFO LANDS in Las Vegas FULL STORY! Aliens, A Missing Family, a MAJOR Cover Up

UFO LANDS in Las Vegas FULL STORY! Aliens, A Missing Family, a MAJOR Cover Up

This is ALL my coverage in one video for those who missed it! Now with subtitles in 10 languages!

UFO Las Vegas Update! The Plot Thickens! With full original commentary explaining exactly what is going on in this incident! I’ve also teamed up with some tiktokers to analyze the fence video so I apologize for the vertical edits, once I’m back near my computer I can analyze by myself and edit horizontal as I won’t have to accommodate for my friend posting to TikTok

This is it right here! The most credible ufo report in history just got an update! Seen by cops, neighbors, and the aliens made themselves known in a family yard!

Join me as I guide you through this story unfolding before us in real time!
I have to do the commentary with my phone (no mic) so any feedback on the audio or advice on how to improve it would be greatly appreciated!

And now, an update from the family!
Including newly uncovered ring cam footage!

This is the UFO Las Vegas landing in it’s fullest! the original news footage, the actual alien footage, a processed filter version of the alien footage to get a true view, stills with highlights of the beings, and a chilling news update about the family!

ALL IN ONE VIDEO! Stay tuned 🛸 👽

Tune in for the most exciting UFO compilation of common era!

I provide full commentary and my commentary is opinion not proven facts, feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comments!

This is not just a growing phenomenon but something you can capture yourself! I’m still blown away by my first experience!

#ufo #uap #paranormal #NHI #disclosure #alien

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UFO LANDS in Las Vegas FULL STORY! Aliens, A Missing Family, a MAJOR Cover Up

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