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UFO over Issaquah, Washington.

Witness description:
“Completely stationary white sphere hovering above the trees. I was riding in my parent’s car through Issaquah, WA down I-90 eastbound. We noticed para gliders in front of the hillside. So we were looking up and noticed one of the objects in the sky was not like the others. It was perfectly round, like a ball. It was below the para gliders just above the trees. It was bright white, but did not appear to be emitting its own light, just reflecting the sunlight. We were on a straight-away, so I watched it for about 30 seconds before I was able to get my phone out to record it. The entire time it did not move.”

Source: mufon
Filmed in Issaquah, Washington. 3/3/2018, 3:09 pm.
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

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UFO over Issaquah, Washington.

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