UFO: Pentagon releases three leaked videos – is the truth finally out there?

The Pentagon has declassified three videos which appear to show unidentified objects flying through the night sky.

But why release them now – and what else might they have?

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21 Comments on “UFO: Pentagon releases three leaked videos – is the truth finally out there?”

  1. Unfortunately the one that looks like an upside down pot top is in fact an upside down pot top. Somebody found it around 1973. There certainly are apparently solid object flying about. So why do they insist on using this particular photo?

  2. Why all video about ufo same like video about ghost..i think the quality of 3gp video 10x better…

  3. I like how he says this is for sure a military program, and then immediately say the military should just say it is real but they don’t know what it is…

  4. UFO just means unidentified objects. Alien life would not only be see by Americans or the US army. This object are new military drones being tested.

  5. Its exactly the same as bob Lazar described. I'm hooked on this lately. I hope the Pentagon release more evidence this year

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  7. The looks, like the bells, from the experiments of the Third Reich, just evolved. The goal back then was to create a fast and agile missile that was capable of evasive action. At the same time, he should also have the same skills in the water. So I ask myself who or what has brought it so far that it is now possible. Since the sightings mostly take place in the water.

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