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UFO Retrievals at Site C-6? Vet Shares His Experience

Bill is a 10+ year veteran of the US Military and was stationed at Eglin Air Force Base at one point during his tenure, where he witnessed some unusual events around the powerful radar array known as Site C-6. Indications were that Site C-6 was being used to monitor UFO activity and possibly send crash retrieval teams in the right direction. Bill also had his own UFO experience growing up, which has helped shape his views on the subject.

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00:00 Intro
01:16 Stationed at Eglin AFB
04:21 Site C-6
11:06 Childhood UFO encounter
13:22 Deep-diving on Site C-6
16:43 Space junk or alien craft?
18:58 SpecOps team in black
22:09 First UFO experience
28:47 Leah Haley abduction
39:14 The AARO report
41:41 Would you testify?
44:13 What did the alien craft want at your childhood trailer park?
50:24 Whistleblower protection
52:34 Elizondo is a contractor for Space Force?
53:06 Chad’s rant
1:02:07 Outlook
1:12:56 Words of Wisdom


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UFO Retrievals at Site C-6? Vet Shares His Experience

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