UFO Sighting- Caught on Camera [Montello WI, June 13, 2021] 4 Shots!

While trying to photo the milky-way I spotted a #UFO above my house. I was able to quickly take four photos of this UFO. What is this thing?

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50 Comments on “UFO Sighting- Caught on Camera [Montello WI, June 13, 2021] 4 Shots!”

  1. Sharing the 4 photos with an expert. Will get his review and feedback on video. Will update with it next.talking to mufon also

  2. It would make it more credible, if: Show the pics ON CAMERA as they were taken. 2) Stop your camera person from MOVING and USING soft background when shooting the video, and please stop screaming.

  3. It is 100 percent an unidentified flying object! Whether it’s aliens or not that’s another thing!

  4. upload the raw files. The original raw files straight from the camera. It’s free and you can do it now to prove your words.

    This is fake.100% cap. We can clear see that you draw this. It’s edited. We can see the ‘body’ of the ufo is like a kid draw two lines. You draw on something. Plus i don’t understand why you stop taking pictures of this ? You could take dozens more. Clear is something else and you decided to edit to look like a ufo.It’s something like drone. Nice try. If you want us to believe this! , upload the raw files. The original raw files straight from the camera. It’s free and you can do it now to prove your words.

    UFO world is full of fake videos and edit photos/videos we don’t need more.

  5. Government explanation: It's a weather balloon illuminated by swamp gas during the conjunction of Venus, Mars, Saturn, Planet X, while clouds reflect starlight off a flock of geese. It's so obvious, right? Expect a visit from the men in black.

  6. And I bet some authority knob head will say "Its Venus". "People (idiots) just dont understand what they are SEEING". Or some such insulting shit.

  7. This is the problem with our civilization there are so many ding dongs out there you could take one of these people put them inside a UFO surround them by 20 aliens and they would still say it was faked the American people have been so dumbed down by our government in our media if you don't believe me pull up any old footage of TV reporters showing videos sent in of UFOs and every time it's the same they giggle and say have we got a colorful story for you tonight and then they laugh all the way through the footage do not pay attention to these people anymore wake up we are not alone we have never been alone since they created us the church has also lied to you about God it's time people to pull your heads out of your ass

  8. It's purely a long exposure photo of a quadcopter of some sort, which is why the stars are visible… long exposure.

    You're welcome 👍🏻

  9. Hello, how are you. I posted 4 minutes of your video on my channel. In the description I gave due credit to your channel.

  10. That's one of the bestest clearest shots I've ever seen of a oofo Great job Pay attention get ready 👽

  11. Chased one of those once for three miles. Suddenly it stopped moving. Then I woke up in my bed 4 hours later. 48 years ago.

  12. Very obvious from the clear definition that the ufo is in the foreground, not high in the sky. it's also obvious that it is a small ufo and close to the rooftop as it illuminates the smoke from the house chimney. So it's either a toy, or a

  13. Excellent pictures! Thank you for sharing. The shot is obviously a UFO. Looks like it was clear enough to see quite a bit of detail but hard to say what. If I were you, I'd forget about the Milkyway and start trying to get alien shots.

  14. Enough of pictures in the sky of UFO’s, what we now need are close up pictures of one landed even if the occupants don’t disembark.

  15. This is one of the best images I've ever seen. I hope to god it's not a hoax. The image is amazing in every detail. It seems to emit a beam of light from under the craft. Did you experience a loss of time that night?

  16. An intriguing photo, for sure! I’m wondering, though… Since you were doing night photography, the exposures of each shot would be longer, creating a streaking effect on any lights that were fairly nearby and moving quickly. The white horizontal light was probably, were you to have seen it in person, an unblinking single point of light, and the eight red lights may actually have been just one red light that was blinking (therefore avoiding being streaked but appearing instead as multiple lights). The light on the bottom may have been the searchlight of a helicopter. And if it was indeed a helicopter, the rotors, moving quickly, perhaps would not have been captured on the long exposure. Or, maybe not! Still a great find in the night sky to wonder about. Thanks for posting it!

  17. Super interesting video. Can I just ask to confirm someting. You said that you actually took these photos manually? That you saw the object and went "click, click, click" ?

  18. That lights there became all horror movies always start out that way!! Lol jk 😆 Make extra hard copies and keep elsewhere than home.

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