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UFO, UAP SIGHTINGS and Alien Encounters in Russia

Russia’s enigmatic encounters with UFOs and alien beings. From the secretive investigations of Soviet-era military programs to astonishing eyewitness reports, this video unveils a tapestry of unexplained phenomena spanning decades.

Discover the intriguing stories behind Russia’s most compelling UFO sightings, including the Dalnegorsk incident, the mysterious encounters in the Ural Mountains and the pyramid-shaped UFO over Kremlin, Moscow . Explore first-hand testimonies, compelling video evidence, and expert analyses shedding light on these inexplicable events.

Join us as we delve into the depths of Russia’s UAP sightings, unravelling mysteries that challenge our understanding of the universe and ignite the imagination. Don’t miss this immersive exploration into the unknown.

00:00 Intro
00:10 UFO / UAP Over Latvia (Former Soviet Union Country)
04:37 Dalnegorsk UFO Crash (The Russian Roswell)
06:21 The Ural Mountains sightings and alien encounters
11:17 Pyramid-shaped UFO / UAP over Moscow
12:26 Outro

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UFO, UAP SIGHTINGS and Alien Encounters in Russia

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