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UFO Video Captured in Japan – And is was not a Fish

In this video, we see a USO, which is nothing more than a UFO/UAP beneath the water or in the sea. The incident involving this USO/UFO/UAP occurred in Japan in 2002, and it was somewhat controversial, reaching a point where it was claimed to be clearly a fish, specifically a Ribbonfish. However, the argument doesn’t quite add up. In the video, starting at 01:15 from both sides and within the clip itself, the object is just too symmetrical. The fish, on the other hand, is not that symmetrical. Extraterrestrial life is often speculated to exist in the sea, but can we still refer to it as aliens?

🌌I aim to bring the UFO phenomenon closer to the masses and provide clarification with facts.

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UFO Video Captured in Japan – And is was not a Fish

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