45 Comments on “US Navy Battleship opens fire on HARASSING UFOs!!”

  1. For those wondering why UFO pictures and videos are usually blurry: The clearer the pictures and the footage, the easier it is to identify an object.

  2. Weve been so much focusing and insisting that they exist,instead of thinking that they could be something already known

  3. $20 million is a bargain to try and explain something when compared to £10 billion on a computer system that was never developed and has nothing to show for it.

  4. Wow, TF 8k away from a milly subs! You've been threatening to break the million mark now for about 10 years. Smart guy yes, objectionable personality absolutely!

  5. You seriously think these are birds or a glitch in their multi million dollar systems? Not saying these ARE aliens but I'm saying some of these are odd and interesting, there are a some videos that are obviously NOT birds you're very much forcing yourself to see that.

    The problem is, were going to see LOTS of fake videos mixed with the real ones.

  6. isn't it interesting how that alway's and only happens to the US? everytime I hear of something stupid happening its in the US or directly connected to it. Don't they have better things to do, like a population dying on covid cause they're to stupid to wear a mask or smth?

  7. This what we expect to see on Fox News. Skepticism about legitimate elections, but all in on “alien ships” that are easily explained as something else.

  8. A dozen ships who can see and fire at UFOs but can not get a single image or video of what they were firing at.
    Yeah…sounds like the US military

  9. I doubt radar has the refresh rate to track something going from space to sea level in a second

  10. I see a lot of "Pfffft 'aliens' you guys are nutjobs!" And not many other explanations as to what these things actually are. I'd like to actually see Thunderfoot just go through and pick apart each of the videos and give us his idea rather than just pissing on the opinions if people who aren't really sure about things but are giving it their best guesses. Just my thoughts

  11. At last, "Pentagon Wars" movie has a sequel!
    °°°perhaps, second sequel must be about "Have Blue" and F/A-117 programs, but this is fine too™

  12. This is the second time LEMMiNO was misrepresenting facts and I am disliking this trend.

  13. to be frank, real or not, if you think shooting slow moving projectiles like boat shells at UFOs is a good idea, you are quite possibly insane or way under educated…

    to reach an other planet/star, you need a ship that could survive a head on collision with micro meteorites throughout the entire trip while going near speed of light… those cannons compared to that are like throwing small foam pellets by hand on a tank.

    funny how you always have those "Mr.Nukes" in medias like movies (Godzilla) or games (Crysis) that makes things worst and only want to be the guy who threw a nuke…

  14. "Or frankly the spaces in-between"
    Bruh, watch out for the aliens coming from the backrooms! Their uncanny depressing aesthetic is the worst of all.

  15. That Tucker Carlson Face has such an amazing comedic value… just until you remember that there a probably millions of people watching the bozo every day that take him seriously…

  16. I once knew someone doing car crash simulations who accidentally put an extra zero in the number for the tensile strength of one of the cars. Hence you had this little dinky hot hatch running into SUV's and emerging unscathed, while the SUV got demolished. This is what we call a "sanity check", do the results replicate with what we'd expect from our experience of the real world, or what we expected to get from some hand calculations we did beforehand. If the answer is no, then you have to do a bit of digging (which would reveal any errors in the model) and treat those results with some suspicion.

    I'd also note that the US military has lots of new pilots and radar operators with new equipment (e.g. the F-35 has some pretty high tech sensors) and its not unlikely they'll be encountering phenomena (or bugs in the software) they've not seen before. Until those possibilities have been eliminated, I'd be very suspicious of these UFO reports.

  17. Visual basic with excel? Seriously? I wouldn't call that programming. Also, I highly doubt they are using that on the warships. Especially on warships that were around before that programming language existed. Also they have multiple warships with multiple radar systems. They often confirm with the other ships as well. Programming issue I think not. Aliens? I don't know. Birds? Maybe. Maybe a lot of different things but I highly doubt programming related.

  18. In 1979 I moved onto a farm 200 meters or so from RAF Marham. In the right weather conditions I could see UFO's circling the airfield and if watched carefully they followed the rotation of the radar as it rotated. These UFO's only appeared when it was getting close to a thunderstorm, I think that what was happening was the radar unit was ionizing the air just enough to trigger a localized discharge of static in the air. In the late 1980's they installed new radar equipment and I never saw the phenomenon again.

  19. If you think a UFO has matter you are wrong… that is why they changed the name to Unidentified Areal Phenomenon. I have a video explaining how this works.

  20. Thunderf00t, I love you videos. I cannot get enough of them. But if watching them means I run the risk of seeing that toe fungus ad again, I am going to have to pass. In fact, I might just throw my computer in the trash and get my old landline phone back!

  21. I almost lost it thinking someone was proposing that 14" guns were fired form US Navy ships today and I was like NO, the Us hasn't operated 14" guns on a warship since WWII! Then you stated the example was from WWII and I relaxed XD

  22. Tucker looks like he had a lobotomy. How can anyone take this man seriously?
    Also how can anyone take that Luis guy seriously? Wasn't he even a counter intel officer at a time in the past?
    On Error Resume Next, pls no.!

  23. Im a UFO nut, in the sense that I actively seek out UFO videos and pictures of aliens etc, then I do my best to find the actual source or alternatively the technique used to create the video. Most UFO videos today are sadly just made in Blender lmao, motion tracking has become so accessible that anyone can produce convincing UFO hoax videos today.
    There is still a few videos / pictures I haven't found anything about and some looks kind of convincing, but I can say that there have been absolutely no hard evidence for neither aliens or alien crafts to this day, for some reason the most convincing videos are never accompanied by any credible first hand testimony..

  24. America is so important that these aliens are only buzzing the american military, they must have been watching Hollywood films to get that secret knowledge

  25. You still left out the simplest option that the radar was correct. And the object had technology that avoided hitting air molecules …..still didnt disprove that…

  26. If whatever these things are was actually a threat, I think more stuff would have been blown up by now.

  27. Using basic physics, I calculated that the "tic-tac" speeding away and covering 60mi in about 1sec would release the energy equivalent of 16kiloton of TNT. I want to know how both F-18's and a good chunk of the ocean wasn't vaporized that day. HOW ARE THEY STILL ALIVE?

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