26 Comments on “US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal”

  1. ❗I just keep asking my self over many years how come there is no such clear picture or video of anything?? you know why?! There is absolutely nothing to prove of any UFOs or aliens existence!! This it's nothing but lies and fake news coming from the government and media ❗

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvSlaIwUCuk

    Could that quantum tunneling example in the video, be an analogy of why real alien spacecraft are never video recorded or photographed operating in the rain?

    Perhaps water interferes with their ability to HyperSpacialise and cloaking ability.

    I bet nobody saw that coming, or made that discovery until now.

    If you don't believe me, check out all the UFO photos and videos.

    They are nearly always recorded when it is not raining.

    The ones that are recorded while raining are probably fakes.

    Although I have never come across any UFO photos or video that was taken of such craft in the rain.

  3. Of course you all believe aliens are all superior to humans 😆😴 and look amazingly to cartoons? 🧐 Enjoy being fooled by the govt you bunch of idiots

  4. FYI people, Our Govt has secret military, They with hold tech info to the public for over 20 years. These are our special military, which is already prepared for the "drone wars". ( where you have 1,000 + ARMED drones, All programmed with facial recognition, And programmed to communicate with each other). These Armed drones, Some could carry explosives, others guns. They could be programmed to have the first blow a hole in the wall of the building, All other drones swarm in, and take out, who or what ever they are programmed to take out. Now imagine 1,000 small trucks, all packed with 1,000 drone swarms, just waiting to over throw a govt. Ya the "'super secrete military programs" are ready for this type of attack.

  5. It doesnt mean aliens are or arent real beacase a ufo is unidentified sooo we dont know what it is

  6. the us forces have a serious problem…..they need better cams. seems like that they have still VHS Cams or or they made the pictures with an NOKIA 6230

  7. these are new DJI drones from a highly developed species. Each drone in controlled by a 15 years old brad

  8. Our previous President Trump sees aliens crossing our border From foreign countries as a threat. And he did something about it.
    Our current president Biden Imagines aliens in UFOs. We’ve got pictures.
    I think this UFO stuff is a shiny distraction from the Democrat failures.

  9. The government wants you to believe in UFOs so when the covid scare is over the Alien invasion scare can begin… It's all about controlling the remaining population! Resistances is Futile you will be Assimilated!

  10. I think it's BS, Aliens always visit the US, they only fly over US space, they always kidnap Americans, which means it's American made sh*t. I want to know about the Bilderberg meeting and what they discuss, the IMF and the Epstein child trafficking and those involved in it, the real issues. Aliens are like flat earth theory, a waste of brain cells.

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