VFX Artists DEBUNK Pentagon UFO Videos

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Niko and Sam attempt to use their visual effects artist’s eyes to break down and explain the recent UFO videos released by the Pentagon.

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42 Comments on “VFX Artists DEBUNK Pentagon UFO Videos”

  1. My wife loves these UFO stories and she is going to be distraught to see this being debunked. Sending this to her right away. 🦹🏽‍♂️😈

  2. Second to last on is a ballon the f18 pilot’s circle around it you can tell because the north reticle on dash goes from the 9oclock position to 12 o’clock

  3. The Navy did not claim they were triangle ufos. Rather ufos caught on radar, and filmed above their ships. Before laughing and making fun Do some research. Boy you guys are dumb.

  4. I got one for you, it’s a hunting channel called Tim Wells bow hunter and the video is “UFO passes by as I blowgun a bobcat” the UAP footage starts at 1:30 into the video.

  5. This would all change if we had a radar based telescope that interprets radar data as images. We have satellites that do this with microwaves, why not with radar equipment?

  6. It's more likely aliens exist than not, we're just so separated by space & time that I doubt any species intelligent enough to endeavour space travel will last long enough to find each other.

  7. There is a great video buy lemmino about the tic tacs called extraordinary until proven otherwise

  8. These are some of the dumbest people I have ever seen on YouTube.

    Did they do any research before they embarrassed themselves by talking about these things?

  9. WoW: Just watched the documentary in Netflix about the disclassified documents of UFOs in USA. this is convenient for this moment.

  10. This is one of the most important react videos you’ve made. I completely agree that people conflate UFO’s with extra terrestrials. Whilst I love that there is still wonder and mystery in the world, it’s important for people to be aware of technical limitations that may lead to misinterpretation. Good job guys.

  11. Corridor crew:
    Video 2 and 3- the object flies about 400 mph near the water, then climbs to 20,000 feet, no bird can't do that, you need rocket power for that
    Also, when the pilot cheers, it's because he got a radar lock on it, that radar will Not lock on something like a bird, it needs to be at least 5 foot big, or Have some sort of radiation , heat or radar bouncing off of it.
    The radar system distinguishes and removes birds from the feed, so the pilot won't get distracted and lock on a bird, now that could fail i guess

    On third video, fightet jets have a bunch of sensors and they get recorded in the black box, so Pentagon has more data. its possible to cross check them and see if any other sensor picked it up as well.
    I mean damn, they could have referenced the nearest ground radar too, if it's close
    Those heat cameras on jets do not have a traditional lens, they have a mirror like a dish, and the camera is backwards, facing the mirror, to eliminate all artifacts and be more robust, and give them more dynamic range because of the mirror composition.
    Same mirror system is on sidewinder modules, the sensor is cheaper.

  12. watch the skinny bob footage, it even has a whole subreddit to it. Footage was "leaked" in 2011 by some dude from russia or something.
    If I remember it right, the footage was supposed to be from 1950 or so. Nice video guys.

  13. Pewdiepie also made similar video of showing how ridiculus UFO Pentagon footage is. He made a similiar statements.

  14. With all due respect we have Navy Pilots following and seeing these UAP's with their own eyes… So the fact you can fake something to look like the Navy videos proves absolutely nothing. Forget the videos for a moment. Why are squadrons saying they saw them?

    Testimony from US navy pilots with their credibility on the line? OR the Corridor Crew? Insinuation that the military videos and testimony is all fabricated…

    Gee I wonder which one I put more faith into

  15. I saw all this videos explained by someone who know what all this readings means. You guys guessed it all with your knowledge of light and lenses. 🙂 about the last one you don't know, here it is: https://youtu.be/jWWGmiZs4JA somewhere around 10 min 30s into the video

  16. “We can recreate this so easily”

    Yeah, NO SHIT.

    This was such a stupid video. Debunks nothing and only makes you all look dumb.

  17. Please send this to Joe Rogan, so he could stop thinking the government released real UFO footage. It's always some BS black and white footage of a dot. Let me know when someone filmed a UFO in 4k colour with their iPhone.

  18. This doesn't take away from the actual truth but shows how to recreate something if you want well get close anyway. I'm suprised in this really I am. This only opens up to more conspiracy theories about the government 🤣🤣. In all seriousness though, can't wait to see what this year or next has to offer. It's real there is no doubt in our government that it's real. Just what is this or who?

  19. I'm having a hard time making it past all the Joe Rogan footage at the start of this and how smug the Corridor guys are being about this. :/ I haven't been happy with Corridor's direction as of late and this feels like borderline clickbait.

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