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Viral “Jellyfish” UFO Video Explained

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Tonight’s Image to Be Analyzed:

1. The viral “jellyfish” UFO stalking government property is making its rounds on social media, is this real or man made?

Let’s analyze these image & play paranormal trivia together!

Myth or Mystery? Playlist:

Join myself, a psychic medium, Ryan, a video analyst & Greg a 15 year paranormal investigator and radio host @MNGhostBoxOfficial Thursdays 7pm pst Live as we investigate the best in paranormal caught on camera.

Videos analyzed are submitted specifically for the show or are today’s current viral videos. Prizes, give aways & audience participation is a huge part of the show along with paranormal trivia!

Submit Paranormal YOU caught on camera OR the link to a viral paranormal video that you felt a connection to here:

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Viral “Jellyfish” UFO Video Explained

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