WATCH: Pentagon Declassifies 3 UFO Videos

The Pentagon has released 3 previously-leaked videos of ‘unidentified aerial phenomena” aka UFOs!

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28 Comments on “WATCH: Pentagon Declassifies 3 UFO Videos”

  1. funny with all this tech we have known to the public and unknown you would think we would have some high def images or videos of these "UFO" encounters…

  2. Почему все видео с НЛО всегда херовго качества?И что интересно, теперь когда у каждого есть смартфон с HD, а теперь уже не редкость и 2,4,8 К и мощные зуммы НЛО резко стали очень редкими…во-времена VHS они роями и стаями летали))))

  3. Isn’t funny that even now that we are equipped with high res cameras that every ufo image and video is always blurry????

  4. These videos have been out for years… they said they will be releasing some info on their findings…. these videos are old news now

  5. O meu sonho era ir explorar o espaço ir para onde ninguém foi sair da galáxia e por último entrar num buraco negro óbvio que com uma câmera boa

  6. So this is just a hunch but maybe they were gonna land on earth before until they heard about the gay furrys out there and decided against it, now looking back they're glad they did cause ain't no alien want that ronna 🤣

  7. Yes.. Im here ..Souls are missing.. Well not missing.. It seems you saved them from death.. In a sense.. Like if someone attempted suicide with pills or a knief you can easily keep them alive.. Sorta like that.. Trying to feast on a soul itself.. Imma fuck you up .. Just for you know.. Cut your shit an die.. Or cut your shit an find a better way.. This stuff is real.. Haha.. The reason it's not bad because Satan is limited .. Like you can see the last 3 universes..

  8. UFO videos were cool n all until the military releases footage of what looks like Boba Fetts ship. That's legitimately scary, the way it rotates and shit like nah I'm all set

  9. Ah les complotistes. Ils ne veulent pas de vaccins, se soignent aux HE et
    croient aux OVNI.
    Bientôt on va voir que l'histoire de la terre plate est vraie! Hahaha

  10. Isn't it obvious that this is a government effort to monitor the way conspiracies are spread on social media?

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