38 Comments on “Why Are UFO's Being Acknowledged Now?”

  1. They keep going 5 miles a second from zero and they'll crash one eventually and it willl be on film or at least the wreckage will… I am calling it!

  2. The question about why can't satellites see these is because of how lens focusing works. There are thousands of planes and helicopters in the air around the world at any given moment, yet we see none on google earth (unless they are at low altitude or parked). How are we supposed to see UFO's on google satellite images that move at 20 times the speed of sound and are 50k feet in the air?

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  4. Why?? Because there's always been an Agenda to Lie (American Politicians/CIA/FBI etc!) to the public, but now it will be to cover over another Agenda!? Plus we've All got Cameras on our Phones and there's too much footage to ignore!!

  5. The main reason why the biggest governments of the world are concerned about these things is because it's not one of the off-planet races that they are in communication and in corroboration with

  6. Has anybody actually considered that the governments might of been told by whatever they are that disclosure needs to hapen now, could that be the reason?

  7. UFOs have been around for ages! If they were dangerous they would have done something to us long time ago when we had less weapons. I honestly think they want to scare us to militarize space or some shit like that. I’m more afraid of the world’s leaders than Aliens visiting earth.

  8. What’s happening folks is that we are all being deceived. More to come, and so much of the world population will be astounded and then go into a state of fear. As is the intent.

  9. Whether or not UFO's are 'real', the government is using this as the ''new war on terrorism'' because they have run out of countries to bomb. They need a rationale to spend billions of dollars on weapons and enrich corporations while creating fear and division amongst us humans. The UFO's may actually be trying to warn us of our true enemies right here on Earth – the US Pentagon, politicians, corporations, billionaires and all the priviledged parasites who have everything to gain from fear, distraction and divisiveness. Hopefully these UFO's will surgically remove this planet of all these parasites. Live long and prosper.

  10. Bruh, if you guys think that the government doesn't know what these things are and in addition would broadcast it to every other government on the planet is hilarious. 🤣🤣🤣

  11. Project Blue Beam ya'll. Wait for it. Wait for it. Planned UFO invasion hologram? They got everyone to believe we needed to be quarantined for a virus that kills .01% Then they got everyone to believe Joe Biden won the election.

  12. Love her!! Aliens too!!! Lol. What was that show again, Breaking the Screen I think it was she was host of. Is that show still going on???

  13. Ive been watching JRE for about 2 years now and have a deep appreciation of this podcast because of many factors and i cannot express my disappointment when Joe went to Spotify. Let me explain. I have no problem with the financial side of it. I dont care if he got paid millions or trillions of dollars. Im from Russia and Spotify wasn't available here for a very long time, relatively recently it was added. But unfortunately JRE just isnt available in pretty much all of Post USSR countries, ofc including Russia. Non of VPNs work and im desperately searching all of the internet for recordings of new episodes. If anyone could help me with that i would be extremely grateful. I absolutely love this podcast and the community around it especially.

  14. Joe talks about UFO’s like a child, he can never handle the possibility that it can be any other thing. Its ALWAYS an alien, cmon bro

  15. at 10:00 … the triangle craft? this is a fucking commercial plane, out of focus…. taking the shape of the lens. Why would an alien spacecraft from another galaxy blink in the same pattern like our commercial airlines?

  16. Hey look at Antarctica. What a perfect place to hide thousands of spaceships . UNDER ICE. They are intentionally melting the ice to reveal something , motherships. Watch A.I. it tells alot .. This is why they are now feeding the media in small increments that they do exsist

  17. They're introducing these 'crafts' as slowly and subtly as they're introducing new changes and adjustments with the whole C0v!d situation. It's all for and part of a much larger agenda and these are the distractions they're using (probably to introduce new technology) and to keep people in fear. My suggestion; close off from mainstream media and ideas they're trying to feed you and get in tune with yourself, then move towards what's good in the world, get connected to nature and good people and do things to keep the planet healthy. We need good vibes in the world right now

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