World's Scariest Hotel, Abandoned Village & UFO Houses | Lost Places | Free Documentary

World’s Scariest Hotel, Abandoned Village & UFO Houses | Lost Places Documentary

Lost Places – World’s Loneliest Subway Station, & Spooky Underground Gym:

00:00 Ghost Hotel in Malaysia
The Amber Court hotel is located in the mountains of Malaysia, an hour outside the capital. It looks deserted; spooky factor included. “Galileo” reporter Paul took a closer look at the hotel and dared spend the night.

11:57 Albergo Diffuso
We go on holidays and takes us along. It’s a special vacation, kind of like traveling back in time. A formerly abandoned village in Abruzzo, Italy offers an immersive experience of what it’s like to live not only among but with the locals. The idea behind it: The guests live next door

27:04 UFO? No. Houses that look like UFOs
The location is in Taiwan and it looks like an abandoned film set for Lost in Space. Dilapidated, ghostly, deserted houses shaped like UFOs. What’s the story behind the spacely ghost town?
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