20 Comments on “"Alien" caught on camera in La Junta”

  1. Pfft… They are lucky they have spaceships or we'd kick their arses! Stupid little grey nerds!

  2. Invented the Technology to travel to distant Worlds, but not able to evolve their Bodies to walk properly …
    Look at 00:09, you see something like Hair dropping down.

  3. Gets back to wherever the fuck they live. “For fuck sakes Craig did you get hammered drunk on earth again?”

  4. The alien:ahh shit,where the fuck did i leave my space ship i need to go home now its getting late or my mama will scold meh.

  5. The current UFOs are being called "Trans-dimensional", for their ability to seemingly blink out of view instantaneously and dissapear off of radar. I don't see much difference with this being.

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