US releases UFO report with 'no explanation' for 143 sightings | DW News

The United States government has released a highly anticipated report about Unidentified Flying Objects sightings in the US. According to the report the government can’t explain as many as 143 objects that were encountered by military aircraft in the last several decades. Despite speculation in social media, the US government’s report doesn’t entertain an extraterrestrial explanation for sightings. But it does say that identifying the objects or phenomena may be beyond the existing means of the American military.


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44 Comments on “US releases UFO report with 'no explanation' for 143 sightings | DW News”

  1. Terrestrial? I don't think so. Mars attack? Nah. Aggression from space? Neither that. If one day I see in the news that we have an extraterrestrial threat, then I will believe it is Terrestrial. We have been watching this phenomenon firmly since the United States threw the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Do you think that any civilization that can create such advanced aircraft will invade us? For what reason? What could they want from us? We can not even live in peace with each other. Look into the mess we have got. To name one, without going into details. Afghanistan, they have been in dispute for forty-eight years. Perhaps, what ten extraterrestrials want is to tell us how dangerous our behavior is turning instead!

  2. Ignorant guy lol. "That`s not what it is". Would give him a break if he said they are not likely aliens.

  3. This guy is a alian…there here for a long time and many are placed in the information arena to hide the facts…

  4. Your smugness nauseates me. You both are an embarrassment. The report doesn't deny the possibility of it being extra terrestrial it remains on the short list of possibilities . We are not alone this is a PRELIMINARY report. This is a stepping stone to revealing the truth.

  5. New drone technology? This started AT LEAST in the 1940s… They must have had some really advanced drones back then…

  6. I can bet you 100 bucks it is a secret military project or they arent even physical, but of course it will remain unidentified for the public, how else can america be a imperial 0ower ifmit doesnt hide technology from its own citizens(!)

  7. Darn, I was hoping they would at least release some better videos (that they claim to have) … bs called.

  8. Nothing new here just MORE disinformation! An absolute joke like we have been told for 60+ years.

  9. If you believe Commander David Fravor and colleagues then you'd know the TicTac's capabilities were way beyond anything in the arsenals of the global superpowers. This commentator also chose to omit incidents where credible military witnesses have reported UFOs shutting down nuclear missile silos. I do wish these self-appointed experts would do a little research before making sweeping statements about the origins of these as yet unidentified objects.

  10. This guy: "These things are being witnessed by some of the most sophisticated sensor packages that have ever existed."

    Also this guy: "Those sensors are malfunctioning."

    Yeah I'm sure that's what the government thinks too.

  11. Oh dear oh dear, this reporter is confused, those things are already reported before drones where even a thing and pilots confused, give me a break what's next astronauts are confused , these excuses have been used before, witnesses are confused, it's a lame excuse already.

  12. It can’t be from space, because it takes years to go to planets 🪐 and return way takes the same time.

    These are jins they have been on planet earth. They go for fly but disappears.

    According to the Holy Quran humans going to coexist with Jin in near end times.

    They are really tricky creatures. Long lived before mankind

  13. It is misleading comment, UFO sightings has happened for thousands of years, Which Hypersonic Drones existed in the world those times ? Even in the 1950's ?, UFO's are real, they are not illusions of the nature, it is like Ghosts existing, UFOs are traveling of different type of beings or their star ships ! , UFOs operate in different energy or matter forms than humans utilizing , so even military aircrafts can't shoot them down or fight with them !

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  15. So the UFO's are autonomous flying abjects no one is flying them and no one builder them, got it.

  16. My god it’s cringeworthy the conclusions .. 😂😂 he should be a cult leader as he obviously thinks he made the universe if he knows how it works 😱😂

  17. Impossible but true? If this is a new phenomenon to be studied scientifically, it's really going to up science's game.

  18. -What could be behind these 143 sightings?

    Well, if you are hoping I'm gonna say aliens unfortunately I'm gonna disappoint you because this is always the case if you think it's aliens

    it's never going to be aliens unfortunately this is not how our universe works.

    Probably the dumbest answer ever! How do you know if you don't know?

    There are many unanswered questions on how the universe works and this guy simply knows that this is not how the universe works.

  19. Some people say this is our psychological reaction to something really novel but human made. But can you imagine someone seeing a wheel for the first time and thinking it was made by aliens? No? Exactly! They'd probably just admire how clever the person who made it was.

  20. As expected no truth will come out from their investigation. Very annoying!!! People want's to know!!

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