Aliens Are Real, Says Harvard Astronomer

When an object called ʻOumuamua’ was detected flying through our solar system in 2017, scientists were baffled by its strange behavior. Many said it was just a bizarre space rock, but Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb believes it was most likely a relic of an alien civilization. And he thinks you should believe that too.

In this episode of The Space Show, Motherboard reporter Becky Ferreira speaks with Professor Avi Loeb, chair of Harvard’s astronomy department and author of the new book “Extraterrestrial.”

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25 Comments on “Aliens Are Real, Says Harvard Astronomer”

  1. Publishing a book for laymen is just a slimy way to have no scientific accountability for your hypothesis. This comment section's credulity proves how irrisponsible it is to throw "aliens" out to a gullable audience. Check PBS Space Time for non-BS coverage

  2. Its like fish born in an aquarium believing they are they only fish that exsists. So funny ufos have been around for generations and some people dont believe because the gov hasnt acknowledged them! Redonkulous!

  3. We are Aliens to them. So we are all aliens. Not only the people the come from other countries. Everybody is an alien. We have a brain with veins

  4. "Aliens" have always been real already. Only people are just so shortsighted and dumb. In the rule of infinity your excluding the number 2! With that i proof that Aliens exist, we just havent found them yet. But they have found us already!

  5. Shows how no matter whatever education, whatever profession, whatever family, whatever IQ, you may have, you can still be a f***ing nut job!

  6. Omuamua crossed the solar system with a gravitational slingshot. Maybe they wanted photos of the Earth. Or they were planning to reach another planet through the slingshot power of the solar system. This same gravitational slingshot was used in the Harvard mission by the nasa when they sent a probe to Pluto. The probe travelled near Jupiter to create a gravitational slingshot.

  7. Aliens exists, they're in another dimensional on this earth and whether or not they're in another planet, still, even if they're there, it's still on another dimensional and not our physical dimension.

  8. What we only live 100 years? Democrat voters live to be 120 years old. It’s on the voter rolls. End Government and end the evil and secrecy of our planet. Free energy is possible without Government suppressing the technology. Government trades people for technology/agreements between aliens and our government.

  9. They have 2 arms two eyes two legs they are primates and from earth not from another planet but can travel to one at will. They are the old men of renown in the Bible.

  10. SO stop saying they are from,another planet please. THEY ARE DIFERENT YES BUT So is a gorilla

  11. No heat signature no gases, must be the holograms I heard about the government is making to scare and control us

  12. It´s more than that ! What a bad time wasting video ! We are seeing trhough the great media, every day new videos leaked or delivered by pilots, and even radar videos. Come on !

  13. From Harvard? 🤣 He's probably part of skull and bones, or Bohemian Grove club. Aliens are not real.

  14. Aliens will be the explanation for the Rapture of all those who have placed their faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord. The aliens are demons.

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