Saagar and Ryan Grim: New UFO Video CONFIRMED

Ryan Grim and Saagar Enjeti weigh in on the latest UFO sightings confirmed by the Pentagon.

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33 Comments on “Saagar and Ryan Grim: New UFO Video CONFIRMED”

  1. Propaganda to brainwash us. Every single sentence that comes out of the media is a lie. From the illness to sports to space to politics. All bogus news to divide people and anger us all. The new world is upon us, not all of us will make it to the new world. Buy land with water, accumulating ammunition and seeds. If you are broke, teach yourself how to trade crypto or hold for long term and escape their world. Go off grid before bigger events start. The religious holograms are next, be aware! Don’t fall for their god, it will be obvious.

  2. Wasnt this debunked? Something about triangular lense opening distorting far away light into triangular shapes. I think someone recreated the same video by filming airplanes at night.

  3. Year, Right! You guys are IDIOTS !!! (CONFIRMED) IF' only you you knew ANY – thing about flying aircraft you wouldn't be trying to feed our people trash like this. Zealots have been pushing this whole get-up about UFO's or UAP's because nowdays it's a big money Cash cow type thing. Much of this stuff you see has been made-up for the whole country 🤥

  4. It really undermines my confidence in our military's intelligence gathering that after 70+ years the best photos we have of these look like they were shot on a 2003 flip phone. Where are the high resolution shots that let you read the time on a watch from 30k feet?

  5. they're telling us alien weapons are moving deceptively and massing at our borders. This is basically what is happening. Why is everyone asleep?

  6. UAP? LOL, what's wrong with UFO? Everything in the air is a UFO, until you ID it. Language people…

  7. It could be anything. A Chinese or Russian drone, or even an ET drone/craft. We send lots of unmanned craft to other planets and space. They also don't necessarily have to be from the same source. Just like there are a lot of countries, there are even more planets. LOL

  8. The military has been hiding a lot of information from us and created aircrafts to look like UFOs so we can blame everything on Aliens.

  9. Remember all those horror films where a person wakes up alone, no one else anywhere? That's the feeling I get thinking of an entire universe with only our world having life.

  10. As my Mother used to say, "believe nothing you hear and only half what you see" and it has never been more true.
    If course UFO's are real, but you will never the truth from our gov.

  11. If anyone wants to know the origins of alien contact look up the oldest written record's in human history the Sumerian kuniform tablets that go into great detail of the annunaki ( those who came from above)
    The Sumerian tablets talk about our solar system naming all the planets their size and location of extraterrestrial visitors coming to Earth of creating a civilization due to need of our minerals to save their planet from a hole in their atmosphere. This was written 10,000 years ago.
    The freedom of information act released tons of documents that the USA government has been in contact with and back engineering crashes UFOs from the 1940s. These documents show that we have been aware that multiple specie's of extraterrestrial visitors have been abducting humans for generations extracting human DNA for experiments. Our government has been coverings these abductions up in exchange for advanced technology
    If you look up the disclosure documentary it has top military and governmental official's coming out in early 2001 that our government is aware and knows we are being visited by extraterrestrial visitors

  12. Roswell happened this is nearly certain. The Govt has been in possession of a UFO for nearly 70 years. What have THEY learned in 70 years playing with technology from possibly 1000 years or more in advance of us? What has this group learned and now what are they up to? Are they doing deals to benefit themselves? Are they breaking away from us and legit Govt becoming the most powerful group on the planet? How dangerous to us have these people become?

  13. I never believed that we are the only people in the entire universe. I do believe that there is other life on other planets. And they are very far advanced than earth

  14. Government: guys we have to be honest aliens are real
    Society: No way dude 👁👄👁

  15. UFO? Nonsense. The government has had this technology since the 40’s. They just leak it out a little bit at a time.

  16. Do you think any advanced civilization will worry about human technology at all? it's like hovering over ants,nothing you can do,and you can't capture one,just wonder or panic.

  17. The establishment needs another distraction while they do a lot of controversial things off the radar.

  18. Prepping us for a so called "Alien invasion". Then…they can just bomb a city of 10 million somewhere. .and then "Those darned aliens!!"

  19. What I’ve never understood is why their lights blink like our airplanes. They’re obviously more advanced so why would they need to blink. Are they mocking us?

  20. "Hey, look at my left hand!" I wonder what is in the right one! Misdirection at work. Uncle Sam usually doesnt admit that its weak and or clueless. Just an observation.

  21. Watch how China advertise their games and you’ll know why all the ufos are being seen near us Military bases and nuclear plants 😉

  22. I believe in UFO’s but this clip and many are so grainy. If this was filmed by navy personnel why is the clip so bad

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