Ancient Aliens: UFO Captured on Camera in Puerto Rico (Season 16) | History

UFO experts confirm the origins of strange objects captured on camera by NASA during a 1996 mission in Puerto Rico, in this clip from Season 16, “The Space Travelers.”

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“Ancient Aliens” explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

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34 Comments on “Ancient Aliens: UFO Captured on Camera in Puerto Rico (Season 16) | History”

  1. Suddenly everyone is talking about aliens… something going to get revealed soon….?

  2. I'm still waiting for an actual photo of earth from space. And all it roundness. Boost immune system and be safe

  3. I think NASA knows more than they are saying. The government most definitely has everything classified.

  4. I had seen those unidentified flying object like a disk have light under and flying with in a seconds, even my daughter saw it, I had seen twice. I believe with that UFO 1000%.

  5. I grew up in the Philippines and sometimes during summer vacation, my dad would bring me to his province where there's rice fields all over. At night, the farmers would drink beers in the middle of the field. No electricity there just plain old company, chatter and beer under a starry night. One night they were all looking up and pointing to a group of stars. We all saw these stars change position but remain in the same cluster. A couple went out of the cluster but came back in it after a few minutes. One of the farmer even said some of these "stars" would play with each other like follow the leader type of play or one appears to be chasing another and would cover a distance far away and come back to the same cluster. This was back in 1993. I'll never forget that experience.

  6. I saw a video of somebody who's got that camera that can zoom in as far as the moon's surface and he saw some ufo's moving/landing on the moon like it's their parking lot.

  7. The general public (not all people); the majority may not be able to handle the truth. Covid caused mass panic; toilet paper, paper towels, etc being purchased by the masses. Imagine, disclosing aliens. Most of our society can’t handle illegal aliens let alone a species we don’t understand.

  8. I believe that there are many Alien👽 life forms in our universe like us, some are more advanced & some primitive whatever ! all species are in same run i.e (Search) always looking for something which is why more advanced 👽 Alien' life can visit us in no time for there research perhaps will be visiting them in future maybe – after 💯 year's. As we all know what Elon & other scientist are doing for Mars is remarkable can't wait to see our HUMANS succeed ❤️🙏

  9. I don’t understand why the government would lie to everyone over an over. A lot of evidence keeps leaking out. Am more interested in there technology they have. Imagine the possibility’s.

  10. I used to be a UFO aficionado. Then Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters came out. Now, I'm more than a sceptic, almost a non believer. The way they rationalize things to make their point reminds me of politicians, trying to sway intelligent human beings with the worst logic ever.

  11. Again,Im tired of mentioning the late Ben Rich, he ran Lockheed _ Martin & Skunkworks, he said if you see a Ufo it could be 1 of theres or 1 of ours & we have the technology to take ET home,and also everything you see in Star Trek we been there & done it, this guy was hands on so if you have a brain

  12. My hometown in PR is notorious for UFOs so I believe it. Even my mom has seen a UFO and an alien.

  13. Is so funny how they Always try to explain everything away..😂 LOL. Enough with the BS already!!!

  14. … … …Fallen Angels(satan, the devil)… … …want you too believe in "aliens, extraterestials, u.f.o.'s", so you will throw the WORD OF GOD(JESUS! out of your [heart of mind]; …"in the last days, satan will decieve with all false signs and wonders in the air; even manifesting fallen angels in the flesh; that is why he is the prince and and power of the air; his "tittle"; sorry "world", thier is ABSOLUTELY! no "alien life im the universe", just Fallen Angels dressed in "holloween costumes", creating false signs in the air, through satan, the devil; AND A TRUE LIVING GOD IN JESUS!!!, who WILL show "you", the deception…if you put FIRST THINGS FIRST(JESUS!( …GODS WORD And BEING.
    love Brother brent!
    … … …everyday you believe this "alien" lie, the more satan and his fallen angels can masqurade, bye manifesting deeper, even too the pointe of touch(carnal conception… … …
    PRAY; ASK JESUS(GOD!; perservere!

  15. Alien: Take me to your leader so we can probe him to death for lying to you all about our existence.

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